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Meet Julie Garrett, RN, MBA

Meet Julie Garrett: a Master's in Health Care Success Story

The Loyola MBA in Healthcare Management program produces numerous successful graduates each year. Julie Garrett, an alumnus of Loyola is happy to share her story. Julie, a Nurse Manager at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital pursued a masters in healthcare management because she wanted more than a nursing program.

According to Julie, Loyola’s faculty is one of the program’s greatest assets.

"The professors give students expert perspectives into the world of health care management," she says. "Also, the professors have great contacts all over the city and bring in a lot of guest speakers who are well-known in the Chicago healthcare community."

The MBA in Healthcare Management degree is also distinctive because it is a cohort program, meaning that the same small group of students goes through the entire program together.

"The cohort approach is great. You really get to know the people in your class, and they become like a second family, because you see them every weekend," Julie explains.

In addition to the bond she developed with her classmates, Julie was also impressed by the diversity among her peers. Her entire class spent two weeks studying abroad in Taiwan and China, visiting with healthcare workers and touring hospitals. During the trip, many people remarked on the diversity of the Loyola group.

“Our class was composed of people of all different ages and professions,” Julie recalls. "We had nurses and physicians, and a few international students as well. Interacting with so many people from various backgrounds was a learning experience in itself."

Julie encourages prospective students to apply to Loyola’s MBA Healthcare program.

"You’ll get a very solid business background, and also a really focused healthcare management education as well," she says. "Loyola’s program is extremely relevant. I’ve already applied so many of the things I’ve learned in my role as a Nurse Manager. Loyola helped me see the big picture in terms of healthcare in general, beyond just nursing."

Julie graduated from the program in May 2009. She thinks the skills she developed at Loyola may enable her to explore new career opportunities down the road.

"In the future, I may be interested in exploring options in consulting and industry," Julie says. "Healthcare doesn’t mean only having to work in a hospital. Loyola helped open a variety of doors for me."

Discover what Julie and many graduates have learned from the masters in healthcare program at Loyola University in Chicago.

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