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  • Why Quinlan?

    Students, faculty, and staff describe what makes Quinlan unique—from a curriculum infused with ethics to connections at some of Chicago's biggest businesses.
  • One year, one startup, one MBA

    Eric Johnson started his own business and enrolled in the Quinlan MBA program 12 months ago. His hard work is already paying off.
  • Student Spotlight

    Emily Edkins: Doing everything to make the world a better place

    Emily Edkins, a double major in finance and information systems, is committed to much more than just academics. She’s involved in several student groups and volunteers with organizations around the city.
  • Research

    Delivery guy

    Professor Mike Hewitt wins National Science Foundation Grant to develop techniques and technology to deliver goods faster and cheaper.
  • No. 1 in Chicago, and rising

    Quinlan's undergraduate program—ranked No. 1 in Chicago—has jumped seven spots in the latest rankings from U.S. News & World Report, up to No. 79 in the nation.
  • Introducing the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola

    On June 2, 2012, Loyola University Chicago announced that alumnus Michael R. Quinlan had given its business school a gift of $40 million. In honor of this gift, his leadership of Loyola's Board of Trustees, his successful career as CEO and chairman of the board at McDonald's Corporation, and his lifetime of service and generosity, Loyola's business school was renamed the Michael R. Quinlan School of Business.
  • Giving Back

    Donate your used books to students in Cambodia, Kenya

    Got old textbooks? Look for Books Building Business bins around campus, and do some good this holiday season.
  • Car wiring company drops ISIS name

    Marketing Professor Clifford Shultz advises what to do, should you ever find your company wrongly associated with a terrorist organization.
  • All in the family

    First Business News talks with Andrew Keyt, executive director of Quinlan's Family Business Center, and Sasser Family Holdings, one of the winners of the 2014 Illinois Family Business of the Year Awards.
  • In the business of social change

    David Batstone, co-founder and president of global anti-slavery organization Not For Sale, speaks about international social enterprise and sustainable business.
  • In the News

    Food deserts in Chicago

    Quinlan hosts a special event on campus, bringing together leaders from the governmental, nonprofit, and corporate sectors to come up with solutions to food deserts in Chicago.
  • Student Spotlight

    From crisis to career

    Huy Nguyen (MBA/MSF '14) discusses how Loyola University Chicago's Quinlan School of Business helped him relaunch his career.
  • Award

    Faculty Member of the Year

    Quinlan Professor Nenad Jukić was named Loyola’s Faculty Member of the Year on September 14 as part of the University’s Eighth Annual Faculty Convocation. This latest award caps off a string of impressive accolades for Jukić, who also was named Quinlan’s Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher of the Year for 2014.
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    Why attack ads work

    Marketing Professor Joan Phillips explains why negative ad campaigns are popular in politics.
  • Quinlan 2014 Case Competition

    Managing McDonald's supply chain

    A big congratulations to Callum McCann, William Steffek, Alex Szabo and Adam Zimmerman (The ROI's) for taking first-place in this year's case competition on managing a sustainable supply chain for McDonald's.
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    ¡Hola, España!

    Loyola University Chicago and Loyola University Andalucia are forming a new partnership, potentially giving students yet another option when studying abroad.
  • In the News

    Retailer pulls red-spattered Kent State shirts amid complaints

    Urban Outfitters's latest product offering—cause for outrage or just an oversight? Professor Joan Phillips tells CBS it's all part of the retail chain's controversial approach to marketing.
  • In the News

    The changing MBA

    Professor Clifford Shultz and Business Career Services Director Hassan Akmal talk with the Chicago Tribune about MBA innovations—including how Quinlan leverages the power of its vast alumni network.
  • For Kyle Wilcoxen, variety really is the spice of life

    How do you go from being an engineer to a brand manager? It's not easy. Learn how one recent MBA graduate did it—and where he ended up.
  • Career Readiness

    9 tips to kick-start your career

    Quinlan has a new director of Business Career Services—and he's committed to helping you find more than a job.
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    Route this way

    Quinlan hosts global gathering of logistics leaders, attracting some of the brightest minds in the supply chain field.
  • B-schools take on the family business

    Home Run Inn executives share with the Wall Street Journal how Quinlan's Family Business Center helps them improve: "It expands your level of knowledge of a family business from a business aspect, family aspect and on the leadership front."
  • Increased resilience gives companies a competitive edge

    Serhat Cicekoglu, director of the Center for Risk Management at Quinlan, speaks with Forbes about the pivotal role of resilience in business.
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    A standout by all accounts

    In 2013, more than 94,000 candidates sat for the CPA exam. Only 55 came out on top, including Quinlan's own Darcia Jinkerson (BBA '12).
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    Jukić named Faculty Member of the Year

    Quinlan Professor Nenad Jukić was named Loyola’s Faculty Member of the Year on September 14 as part of the University’s Eighth Annual Faculty Convocation. This latest award caps off a string of impressive accolades for Jukić, who also was named Quinlan’s Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher of the Year for 2014.
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    U.S. NEWS

    Quinlan rises in rank

    Quinlan has jumped six spots in the latest round of rankings from U.S. News & World Report, securing its position among Chicago's top 3 MBA programs.
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    Building corporate chops at some of Chicago’s top shops

    Most undergraduates dream of getting a foot in the door at a firm like Sidley Austin or Deloitte. Junior Michael Palarz has done just that—at both.
  • Resilience management

    How can a business manage the risk of unforeseen events? Quinlan's Center for Risk Management is connecting company executives, stakeholders, and subject matter experts for an interactive education and networking program series.
  • Spotlight

    We built it, and they have come

    Just over a year old, Quinlan’s Supply and Value Chain Center is in high demand, with 23 new members this year. Find out what it takes to land a client like McDonald’s, where the next China is, and what keeps business leaders up at night.
  • Is your company safe from a Target-style attack?

    Kevin R. Brock, a leading cyber security expert who will be speaking at Quinlan on October 14, discusses this issue with Forbes.
  • Has JetBlue lost its heart?

    Professor Arup Varma talks with USA Today about the airline company's corporate image in light of an unfortunate incident involving a toddler on the runway. "Every time we fly, our experience gives us data about the travel company's corporate DNA."
  • The Jesuit model of global business education

    Fearless groups of MBA students have enthusiastically taken on much of the world—Africa, South America, Asia—in search of edification, transformation, and meaningful experiences in emerging markets. Professor Cliff Shultz explains how this unique experience is quintessentially Quinlan.
  • Could this be a $1 million idea?

    At first glance, Loyola business students and science students seem to be different breeds entirely. Biology majors conduct research and experiment in laboratories on the Lake Shore Campus, while finance and business majors pitch products and talk numbers downtown. But, as it turns out, they’ve got chemistry.
  • Changed for the better

    Timothy Sidiropoulos (BBA '14) has left Loyola a changed man, ready to take on the world (and the world of Northern Trust).
  • Studies show link between long-term joblessness and depression

    Long-term unemployment is more than a drag on the economy. Surveys from Gallup to Quinlan show that it also takes a toll on the American psyche. Professor Timothy Classen's research lends insight into the topic in this special Wall Street Journal report.
  • Let the games begin

    WalletHub crunched the numbers and asked the experts, including Quinlan's Cliff Shultz, what the impact of the World Cup 2014 games will be. Take a look at the resulting infographic, the FIFA World Cup by the numbers.
  • Commencement 2014

    Best of luck to our graduates, as they "go forth and set the world on fire!" Check out our photo reel from the May 10 event, featuring speakers Gabriela Wilewska (BBA '14) and acclaimed 'Enron reporter' Bethany McClean.
  • The suppliers have spoken

    Is GM neglecting its suppliers? Maciek Nowak, director of Quinlan's MS in Supply Chain Management program, weighs in.
  • Catching up with the US?

    A new report from the World Bank shows that the Chinese are able to afford about 87 percent of what Americans can buy with US dollars. Mary Ann McGrath, director of Quinlan's Intercontinental MBA program, puts this all into perspective.
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    Peeks and perks

    This spring, 16 Quinlan undergraduates jetted off to Jet City to see how the West Coast does business. Dan Salganik (BBA '14) describes the experience, including what it was like to visit Boeing and Starbucks.
  • Building update

    Introducing the Schreiber Center

    Loyola University Chicago announced March 19 that alumnus John G. Schreiber will give $10 million to the University’s Quinlan School of Business.
  • Fast food workers fight for higher pay in nationwide strike

    Do fast food workers deserve a $15 wage? "It makes good business sense," says Arup Varma, a professor of human resources and labor relations at Quinlan. "Take care of your workers, they take care of your customers, who then take care of you. It's a simple business model."
  • Profile

    Changed for the better

    Timothy Sidiropoulos (BBA '14) has left Loyola a changed man, ready to take on the world (and the world of Northern Trust).
  • Big data, big insight

    Quinlan to host special symposium Translating Big Data into Business Decisions as part of Big Data Week.
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    Striking a smart balance

    Quinlan alum Mark Satkiewicz (MBA ’95) is the president of SmartWool, one of the world’s leading outdoor performance brands. And he’s living proof that businesses can do well and do good at the same time. Read more about Satkiewicz and why he’s such a believer in social responsibility.
  • The new normal

    As federal officials look to form new banking regulations, Quinlan Finance Professor George Kaufman makes a case for why the old system didn't work: "The gains were privatized. The institutions kept their profits and socialized the losses—shared it with tax payer."
  • Read how Loyola helped them stand out, succeed

    In today’s economy, recent college graduates face fierce competition for jobs. These three members of the Class of 2014, however, were able to stand out from the crowd and find full-time jobs. What helped them do that? A degree from Loyola.
  • Why the color red revs you up (but lowers your IQ)

    Quinlan's Lauren Labrecque discusses the complex and bizarre science of the color red in marketing.
  • Financial advice

    Quinlan’s Finance Department has launched an advisory board with a very impressive roster. Here's what it will mean to our students.
  • Weekend of Excellence: Sadia Anees

    When Sadia Anees transferred to Loyola after completing her associate’s degree in Seattle, she was blown away by how friendly everyone was. Now, as a member of Quinlan's Ambassadors program, she’s doing her part to help others make the same transition.
  • Weekend of Excellence: Joe Smalzer

    At 6-foot-8, Joe Smalzer is literally a big man on campus. He towers over most of his fellow students and his professors in the Quinlan School of Business. But it’s on the volleyball court that Smalzer really stands out. The reigning Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association’s Player of the Year, Smalzer is a key player on Loyola’s nationally ranked men’s volleyball team.
  • In The News

    Quinlan students reflect on Pope Francis's first year

    How is Pope Francis doing on the brand management front? That question was raised in our marketing classes—and has caught the attention of The Today Show.
  • Alum gives $10 million to Quinlan

    A new building is going up on campus, but some of the most exciting things are happening behind the scenes. Read about how Quinlan alumnus John Schreiber is helping to finance Quinlan's new home.
  • Introducing 'The Value Stream'

    From the director of Quinlan's Supply and Value Chain Center comes a new blog, The Value Stream. Keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry and all that's happening at Quinlan on this important new front.
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    Zero to Big 4

    Graduate student Xin Min came to the US two years ago, with no family or friends stateside to support her. Since then, she has built a network and landed a full-time gig at a Big 4 audit firm upon graduation. Find out how she did it.
  • Millennials and money

    Fiscally responsible or risk averse? Quinlan's Marc Hayford talks with RedEye about how Millennials have been shaped by tougher times.
  • Health Care Delivery in the 21st Century

    Virtually all organizations are affected by changes in the health care delivery system. Join us for our April 16 panel discussion to hear different perspectives on changes in the American health care system, from law leaders to policy makers.
  • 'Shark Tank,' Quinlan style

    Social enterprises promote the common good while generating a profit. Sound weird? At this year’s Social Enterprise Competition, five finalists will present their business models to prove that it is possible — and one will win $5K.
  • 6 reasons to attend our graduate programs open house

    We're rising in rank, breaking ground on a new building, and adding competitive programs to meet your needs. If you're considering an MBA or MS in business, now is a good time to visit Quinlan. Come learn what we're all about at our graduate programs open house on Friday, April 4, at 5:30 p.m.
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    Silk Road scholars

    The Silk Road played a significant role in history. At Quinlan’s new workshop, Land and Marine Silk Road Countries, you will learn how it fits into the international business landscape today. Join us on March 29 to discuss.
  • Greater risk, bigger reward

    It's all in how you manage it. Find out how through Quinlan's all-new Enterprise Risk Management certificate program, March 18–20.
  • Getting a gilt-edged biz education for less? MOOCs may make it possible

    Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are shaking up the education business. Read the debate via Crain’s Chicago Business, including what experts at Quinlan have to say. Then join us for our panel discussion Crisis in Business Education: Defining the Road Ahead on March 18.
  • Profile

    Why a dual degree?

    What do you do after earning two degrees from Loyola? For this tenacious student, the answer was easy: Get two more.
  • Profile

    Hard work and dedication already paying dividends

    For Lindsay Harris, pursing an MSIMC from Quinlan while working full time was a challenge—but one that has already paid off.
  • Consumers likely to benefit from joint firm

    Comcast has once again extended its reach in the cable industry by acquiring Time Warner Cable in a $45.2 billion stock deal. In a Chicago Tribune editorial, Abol Jalilvand explains why this move may benefit both the industry and the consumers.
  • A focus on emerging markets

    Gain international business experience, exploring the connection between advanced and emerging economies. At Quinlan, understanding the global marketplace means living in it. From Chicago to Ho Chi Minh City, from Berlin to Beijing, from Rome to Rio de Janiero—your journey awaits.
  • Spotlight

    One course, new direction

    Three years ago, Kerry Slattery had a degree in biology and wanted to switch jobs. This fall, she packed her bags and moved to Cambodia to teach international marketing. Find out how studying abroad changed her life—and how she hopes to change others'.
  • Business officials weigh in on CVS tobacco ban

    How will the move affect other unhealthy product categories? Marketing Professor Joan Phillips talks with Fox 32 Chicago.
  • Sochi Olympics by the numbers

    WalletHub decided to audit the Sochi Olympics, and they asked sport management professors across the country for help—including Quinlan's own Keith Lambrecht. The result: a fascinating infographic on the 2014 Winter Olympics.
  • Profile

    The future is now for the growing field of supply chain management

    Looking for a field with major growth opportunities and high-paying jobs? Then try supply chain management, says business executive Eric Lockwood.
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    Graduate Program

    Beijing, Chicago, Istanbul, New York City, Santiago

    Experience all five in just 11 months while earning your MBA. Learn more about Quinlan's one-year, full-time Intercontinental MBA program—online information session Jan. 22.
  • Julie Breckenfelder earns President's Medallion

    In the classroom, Julie Breckenfelder is a cut above. Her professors often share her final projects with future students to show them what a well-polished and complete analysis should look like.
  • Profile

    Leaving his comfort zone—and landing a new job

    After a few years in pharmaceutical sales, Vinny Gossain was ready to advance his career. Today, he’s on the fast track to success as a budding business exec with Trinity Health.
  • Class Highlight

    Brainstorming better business

    Over the years, students in Michael Welch's Microenterprise Consulting course have used their knowledge to serve others, helping to improve businesses and nonprofits throughout Chicago. See where the journey has taken them.
  • Loyola hosts first Student-Run Business Conference

    Loyola Limited, Loyola’s student-run and managed enterprise, will host the nation’s first annual Student-Run Business Conference, February 7–9. Groups from Brown University, Northwestern University, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Dayton are expected to attend, with Arsen Avakian, CEO and co-founder of Argo Tea, serving as the keynote speaker.
  • Fatal consequences of unemployment

    The connection between unemployment and suicide: Economics Professor Timothy Classen discusses his latest research with WBEZ.
  • Degrees that teach skills for in-demand jobs

    Accounting and finance degrees make you indispensable to your employer, Quinlan's Brian Stanko and Serhat Cicekoglu tell Yahoo! Education.
  • '>

    Defining 'social enterprise'

    What separates social enterprises from normal businesses? Professors Uğur Uygur and Alexei Marcoux have come up with a clear line of distinction. “It’s something more than having a social benefit flowing from business,” Marcoux says, “because just about all businesses have some kind of social benefit flowing from them.”
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    Career Fair 2014

    Employer deadline Jan. 31

    Employers looking for bright, up-and-coming professionals should look no further than the Quinlan Career Fair Feb. 11–12 in downtown Chicago. Space is limited; register by Jan. 31.
  • Amazon's drones strike at heart of retail industry's biggest fear

    Amazon's plans to use drones are "in line with many of the innovations that the company already has realized," Maciek Nowak writes in a Crain's editorial.
  • Suburban towns selling themselves

    Competition between communities to attract businesses is heating up. Quinlan's Mary Ann McGrath discusses the phenomenon with the Chicago Tribune.
  • Quinlan Ramble to Seattle

    This spring break, connect with Quinlan alumni, get an inside look at corporate titans, and see what it's like to be a part of the business community in Seattle.
  • Business schools are learning that, sometimes, less is more

    "The market was telling us something," Dean Getz tells the Wall Street Journal. "It's time we start practicing what we preach."
  • Dean's Speaker Series: Bethany McLean, Enron reporter

    Bethany McLean, author of All the Devils Are Here and The Smartest Guys in the Room, discusses "what makes a company bad" while detailing her experience unraveling the Enron empire.
  • Evans says it's hard to thread needle on inflation

    The Federal Reserve should not worry too much if inflation temporarily rises above the Fed's 2 percent goal, says Chicago Fed President Charles Evans at The Federal Reserve at 100, a panel sponsored by Quinlan.
  • '>

    Carmen Santiago named 'Person for Others'

    On Thursday, November 14, friends and colleagues burst into applause, as Carmen Santiago, a 40-year Loyola veteran, won the Kay Egan Person for Others Award at a University-wide ceremony hosted by Staff Council.
  • At Ford's South Side plant, the rise of the machines

    Last month, Ford's Chicago assembly plant on the city's Far South Side welcomed a new team of robots. “Everybody is looking at automation," Maciek Nowak, associate professor, tells Crain's Chicago Business. "And everything about that involves cutting out labor.”
  • Internship

    Wal-Mart's loss is student's gain

    Looking at Wal-Mart's loss has yielded big gains for senior Alicia Carlson. This summer, she interned as an asset protection analyst for the retail giant, and in return, has been promised a full-time job upon graduation.
  • Family comes second to the entrepreneur

    Seventy-seven percent of new ventures start as family businesses. Is America's emphasis on entrepreneurs misplaced? Andrew Keyt, executive director of the Family Business Center, talks with the Financial Times.
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    Charles Evans to speak at Quinlan

    The president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago will help lead a discussion on "The Federal Reserve at 100" on December 6.
  • A new duet for Woodstock, School of Rock founders

    “Having a great idea isn’t enough," Dean Getz tells the Wall Street Journal. "You need to ensure that there’s a market for what you offer.”
  • Keeping ADM in Illinois means jobs

    In a Chicago Tribune editorial, Dennis Nirtaut explains why he supports tax incentives for ADM to relocate to Chicago.
  • Social justice and free enterprise

    "Businesses operating in a free enterprise system are well positioned to help build peace," writes Dean Getz in a new blog post on social justice.
  • Two ways to give back this November

    Save a life by donating blood at the Lawrence Metzger Memorial Blood Drive on Nov. 11. Clean up classrooms at St. Procopius on Nov. 16. November represents a month of giving thanks by giving back. And as our thanks to you, we're giving away T-shirts to everyone who helps out.
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    Dean's Speaker Series

    Enron reporter coming to speak

    What have we learned from the corporate failures of the financial crisis? Join acclaimed author Bethany McLean, the reporter who broke the Enron scandal, for a discussion this Thursday at 5:30 p.m. as part of Quinlan's Dean's Speaker Series.
  • Research

    3 tips for social entrepreneurs

    Running a social enterprise can be difficult, but Dawn Harris has crafted a plan to help out. Her findings, published in a leading Jesuit academic journal, provide a blueprint for growth so that companies like Solar Sister in Uganda can achieve their important social missions—in this case, keeping combustible lamps out of children's reach.
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    A special case (competition)

    On October 7, Quinlan hosted the Second Annual Quinlan Case Competition. The competition gave students an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to a real world business situation.
  • '>

    Continuing construction

    The site of Quinlan's future home is in the final stages of demolition. Structural work is scheduled to begin in November.
  • A very formal thank you

    On Sept. 28 at its annual gala, Quinlan rolled out the red carpet—and bow ties, of course—to honor four distinguished alumni for their leadership and service to the community. See how all four are living up to Loyola’s Jesuit values by doing well and doing good.
  • Leadership flavor of the month

    "Leadership is a lived process affected by the chance, time, place, and specific circumstances as well as the unique personality and talents of the leader involved," says Al Gini in a Chicago Tribune editorial.
  • '>

    Go global: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Greece

    At Quinlan, you are encouraged to explore different cultures, hone your international business skills, and build a global network along the way through study abroad. Check out what's in store this year.
  • '>

    Master of wine online

    Thanks to John Wilson, buying quality wine just became a whole lot easier.
  • '>

    A student's dozen

    Quinlan students soon will have another place to turn when they need advice—to a newly formed fleet of Quinlan Ambassadors. “Quinlan has so much to offer, and I hope this program will help students use those resources,” says Sadia Anees, one of 12 students chosen for the program launching this fall.
  • Business leaders tell us how they get the most out of LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is about more than just networking. Businesses also use it to expand their social presence, and Quinlan is leading the way.
  • Nine Quinlan grads to know

    Nine successful businesspeople, eight insightful questions. Take a peak inside the minds of the Loyola Women’s Council and hear their top tips for networking.
  • Quinlan rolls out the red carpet for a Sept. 28 gala

    Reserve your spot now for the chance to network with alumni and other business leaders while enjoying exquisite cuisine, live music, and breathtaking views of the Chicago River.
  • One cheer for bank regulators

    Bank regulators in the United States have taken significant actions to improve the safety of the financial system, but these steps are insufficient to prevent another crisis, says George Kaufman.
  • Quinlan Career Fair

    Prepare for today's big event

    Curious how to talk with recruiters? Wondering what to wear? Ryan Smith, assistant director of Business Career Services, offers his top tips to help you prepare for the Quinlan Career Fair today at 3 p.m. Click to hear what he has to say.
  • '>

    Step in, stand out

    Networking, résumé help, interview tips, and advice from alumni and other local leaders—all in one week on campus. Take your first step into the business world, putting your best foot forward.
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    U.S. NEWS

    Top 3 part-time MBA in Chicago

    Quinlan jumps 16 spots in the latest round of rankings from U.S. News & World Report, earning a place among Chicago's top 3 business schools.
  • On Labor Day, sales are plentiful for bargain seekers

    Mary Ann McGrath discusses how and why retailers get consumers in stores over the Labor Day holiday.
  • What's in a name?

    As we celebrate our one-year anniversary of becoming the Quinlan School of Business, we take a look at nine areas that have experienced sweeping changes.
  • Do well and do good with an MBA in Healthcare Management

    "I think more and more people want to be involved in work that contributes to the good of the whole," Quinlan's Pamela McCoy tells U.S. News & World Report. "And in healthcare, you're certainly enabled to do that." Read the full story.
  • Why Titanic's 'brand' stays in minds

    Clifford Shultz explains why the Titanic sticks with consumers, even a century later.
  • '>

    Managing disease—from your smartphone

    Fueled by a Quinlan education, this entrepreneurial team is working to change the way diabetics manage their disease. Yes, there's an app for that.
  • What makes a leader great?

    Al Gini discusses his new book, 10 Virtues of Outstanding Leaders, on Chicago Tonight.
  • Oiling the wheels

    Three Quinlan students take on the BP Sophomore Experience, learning about the energy industry while walking away with some serious bragging rights.
  • '>

    Student lands 'No. 1 internship'

    Senior marketing major Andrew Fenske gears up for a summer stint at Google, rated the best place to intern for 2013 by Glassdoor.com. Find out how he made it to the top of the company's search.
  • Video

    Congratulations, Class of 2013!

    Miss commencement? Want to relive the memory? Watch the full ceremony and see what our wise speakers had to say.
  • Off the patent cliff

    Economics Professor Tim Classen discusses the effect of US healthcare reform on pharmaceutical investments.
  • Reforming the reform

    Economics Professor Tim Classen addresses how new taxes on medical equipment manufacturers may affect research and development as well as prices and profits.
  • '>

    Ban telecommuting?

    Human Resources Professor Arup Varma examines why Yahoo!'s new CEO might be getting it wrong—and how to make things right.
  • '>
    New Program

    Baptism by hire

    Quinlan launches real-world accounting program to take place during the peak of tax and auditing season. "We want more of our students to intern during the busy season," says Alyson Ryan, director of Business Career Services. "The experience is better, and they earn and learn more."
  • '>

    The businessman's survival guide

    How can you keep your business afloat during turbulent times? Finance Professor Abol Jalilvand offers three do-or-die tips.

    The Story of Your Stuff

    Curious how your smartphone gets made? How about your clothes? Your food? Your furniture? Then stop by "The Story of Your Stuff" on June 4 from 6–7 p.m. at our Water Tower Campus, and learn about the growing field of supply chain management. Reserve your seat now.
  • 'Best paper' award a sweet victory for Suzy Fox

    If you think your teachers never fail—think again. Human Resources Professor Suzy Fox had her work rejected five years straight before finally landing on top. Her journey from F to A+.
  • Quinlan in the Wall Street Journal

    Dean Getz speaks with the Wall Street Journal about plans to better support international students. Her vision: strengthen connections with global companies while instituting a "buddy" program to ease cultural adjustment.
  • Building plan moves forward with city backing

    A new home for Quinlan is on the horizon, and it's "going to establish a major presence for our world-class school of business," says Wayne Magdziarz, vice president of capital planning.
  • '>

    11th chapter in Dean's Speaker Series tackles social concerns

    On April 8, students, faculty, and alumni gathered at the University Club of Chicago to discuss how business, government, and nonprofits can work together to make a bigger change.
  • '>

    Recognizing student scholars

    More than 100 guests gathered to celebrate learning and generosity at the second annual Scholarship Dinner on March 27.
  • Recipe for success

    For Loyola students, a job at Felice’s Roman Style Pizza is more than just a way to earn a few extra bucks. It’s a way to learn how to run a business.
  • '>

    Vefa Tarhan making waves in financial world

    Dismantle the eurozone? Inside the mind of the Quinlan professor who is moving this bold idea forward.
  • Pamela McCoy is 'moving on up'

    Congratulations to Pamela McCoy, highlighted by the Chicago Tribune for her new role as assistant dean for executive degree programs, overseeing the Executive MBA and MBA in Healthcare Management.
  • Chinese markets perking up

    Mary Ann McGrath, director of Quinlan's Intercontinental MBA program, discusses the growing presence of Starbucks and Caterpillar in China.
  • '>

    A model student setting the world on fire

    He's volunteered in soup kitchens, brought books to Cambodia, and won a case competition and President's Medal in between. Triple major Austin Nugent embodies what a Jesuit education is all about.
  • Speaker Series

    Dean Getz to host forum on social enterprise and responsibility

    You're invited! Join us for the 11th chapter in our Dean's Speaker Series, Cross-Sector Collaboration in Addressing Social Concerns, on April 8 at 5:30 p.m. at the University Club.
  • Submit your business idea, win up to $5,000

    Have a business plan that could change the world? Share it with us—and you could win up to $5,000. Deadline: April 5.
  • John Boatright is 'moving on up'

    Congratulations to John Boatright, highlighted by the Chicago Tribune for his new role as director of the Baumhart Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility.
  • Quinlan named among the Top 100 Most Social Media Friendly MBA Schools

    We're wired in and rising in rank. For 2013, Quinlan comes in at No. 52 out of more than 400 business schools surveyed for social media.
  • Quinlans on list of most generous U.S. donors

    Following a $40 million investment in Loyola's business school, the Quinlans have been named among the top 50 donors in America for 2012—alongside Warren Buffett and Steven Spielberg.
  • Frederick Kaefer on USPS Saturday delivery

    What impact, if any, will the USPS's decision to eliminate Saturday mail have on local business? Professor Frederick Kaefer weighs in.
  • Profile

    Why an MSF?

    When this Singapore native decided to earn a graduate degree in finance in America, she knew Quinlan was the place to be.
  • Executive education goes global

    Daily Herald Business Ledger profiles Quinlan's new Intercontinental MBA program.
  • High-Impact Leadership

    Take your management potential to the next level with this special certificate program from Quinlan's Executive Education department.
  • How to land an HBO internship

    Caitlin Sappington offers insight into working on the financial side of Hollywood.
  • '>

    Human resources: 7 tips for hanging on to your top talent

    Research from Professor Dow Scott offers advice for weathering the storm as the job market opens up.
  • Notes from the Nile

    Professors Clifford Shultz and Mine Cinar discuss their experiences in Egypt just before the country's first free elections.
  • Student group receives $1,500 grant from Sam's Club

    Emily Edkins and Alicia Carlson on their efforts to bring books to Cambodia while marketing a fashion line to help women.
  • Economic forecast 2013

    Quinlan professors on what to expect in the Eurozone and China.
  • Port strike threat

    Maciek Nowak, director of Quinlan's Supply Chain Management program, on risks to East Coast ports as laborers threaten to strike.
  • Quinlan on CBS

    Professor Joan Phillips on a controversial catalog from Urban Outfitters.
  • Brazil? Turkey?

    We're exploring new opportunities for study abroad. Where do you want to go?
  • Highlight

    $5M gift leads to new Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility

    An anonymous donor has given $5 million to Quinlan, launching the Raymond C. Baumhart, S.J., Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility.
  • '>

    Introducing Chicago's first Supply and Value Chain Center

    Offering strategic alignment with the mayor, Quinlan solidifies Chicago's role as a major player in transportation, distribution, and logistics.
  • '>

    Are you a typical dude?

    Six-pack abs! Bikini models! Hot tubs! Get real, say most men, according to new research that shows your "typical dude," as portrayed in advertising, is not so typical at all.
  • In the news: Business fraternity 'best' in nation

    Quinlan's Alpha Kappa Psi was recently named "best chapter of the year" for 2011-12 out of more than 300 organizations nationwide.
  • '>

    Quinlan’s Day of Service

    The Quinlan community kicked off the holiday season with volunteer work at A Safe Haven Foundation, a shelter program that helps those who have been homeless find jobs and housing.
  • Profile

    Meet Katie Nadeau (MBA), Ryder Cup intern

    "Our primary task was to assist the PGA of America in ensuring that everything ran smoothly for the event's corporate clients and their guests in the various hospitality areas at Medinah Country Club."
  • Quinlan wishes you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving

    Dean Kathleen A. Getz and Jabari McMillon reflect on Quinlan's journey over the past year, giving thanks for the many achievements made along the way.
  • Announcing the top family businesses of 2012

    For 19 years, the Family Business Center at Quinlan has presented the Illinois Family Business of the Year Awards. It is with great excitement that we announce this year's winners ...
  • Cementing the top spot

    In this episode of "A Quinlan Minute," Jabari McMillon talks with the winning team of the first-ever Quinlan Case Competition, held Oct. 8 at Loyola's Water Tower Campus. Congratulations to Team IBFMA—Davi Aragao, Steven Koblinski, Austin Nugent, Robert Ruder, and John Schmidt—for making a compelling argument to turn the social responsibility portion of a Mexican cement company into a not-for-profit.
  • Quinlan Case Competition

    More than 80 students competed in the first-ever Quinlan Case Competition on Monday, Oct. 8. Their case: CEMEX, a Mexican cement company that dedicates a portion of its business to helping lower income families build their homes.
  • How to secure a summer internship

    On this week's "A Quinlan Minute," Megan Sweeney reveals how she secured her summer internship at FOX Sports.
  • In the news: Research on Election Day aftermath

    Timothy Classen, Quinlan professor of economics, takes a sobering look at the psychological effects of presidential elections.
  • In the news: Decision 2012

    Joan Phillips, professor of marketing and director of Quinlan's MSIMC program, talks with The Daily Herald about CEO contributions in the presidential election.
  • Quinlan's fall 2012 career fair: New name, new opportunities

    "A Quinlan Minute" takes a field trip to Germania Place, where Jabari McMillon talks with special guest Patrick Noonan about his career fair experience.
  • Profile

    Meet Reed Patterson, ambassador for Chicago Ideas Week (Oct. 8–14)

    "I'm excited to get students involved with Chicago Ideas Week. In the past, there have been a lot of great speakers at the event, including former President Bill Clinton. This year, we have Edward Norton, General Colin Powell, and Rudy Tanzi, PhD, coming out to speak. It's going to be great."
  • Video

    Celebrating Excellence: Highlights from our gala

    On Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012, the Quinlan community gathered downtown at the Trump International Hotel and Tower to honor alumni and celebrate the school's bright future. Click to watch a quick video of highlights from the event.
  • Students 'Q' the runway, dressed for success

    Dressing for your dream job just got easier, thanks to our student models. This week, A Quinlan Minute brings you exclusive coverage of the Career Week Fashion Show.
  • What you need to know at Quinlan this week: 09.03.12

    Get ready for Quinlan's Career Fair on Sept. 20 at Germania Place. In this episode: the top three things you need to know before talking with recruiters.
  • What you need to know at Quinlan this week

    Quinlan welcomes students back with fun activities and free giveaways.
  • Birds of a feather

    Quinlan experts in their craft—both beer and business—enjoyed a Taste of Goose Island on Wednesday, Aug. 8, in Chicago's Loop.
  • Quinlan in the news

    Maciek Nowak, director of Quinlan's Supply Chain Management program, talks with ABC7 about the recent rise in gas prices.
  • Quinlan in the news

    As the momentum builds at Quinlan, we're adding new programs to take us into our next chapter. Click to read what's in store.
  • '>

    A supply chain success story

    Natalie Miknaitis didn't study business before coming to Loyola to get her MBA. But once she started the program, she found a way to turn her passion for green living into a $2,000 scholarship.
  • Quinlan rolls out the red carpet for a Sept. 15 gala at the Trump

    Reserve your spot now for the chance to network with alumni and other business leaders while enjoying exquisite cuisine, live music, and breathtaking views of the Chicago River.
  • '>

    Investing time abroad

    Business Brigades students Taylor Dahlgren and Cyryl Jakubik teach a workshop in Panama.
  • Meet Janelle Hatch, Walid Tamari scholar

    "Loyola is responsible for my future and what I will become as far as helping others and touching thousands of lives."
  • Profile

    Meet Tim Schroeder, Esquire fashion intern

    "Marketing 201 with Alison Krzys and Management 201 with Theresa Erhrhart (prepared me best for my summer in New York City). Both taught me how to communicate on a professional level. If you can’t communicate effectively, then you will have a hard time in any industry.”
  • #Q mania

    What does $40 million mean to Loyola's business school? Our friends on Facebook and Twitter have said it best, offering an outpouring of congratulations and support. Click here for the complete social media recap of Loyola's historic Quinlan announcement.
  • Celebrating our future

    On June 4, 2012, just two days after the historic Quinlan announcement at Founders’ Dinner, faculty and staff gathered to raise a glass to the new namesake of Loyola’s business school. With Mr. Quinlan’s $40 million leadership gift comes the next chapter for business education in Chicago.