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Schedule of Events: Thursday, April 24

General Sessions

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Finding a Healthy Balance: Family, Business and Leadership

  ‌  Marc De Kuyper (G11)
   De Kuyper Royal Distillers


As next generation members begin to chart a career path, they also begin to examine certain aspects of their life. How do I fit into the family? Where is my place the business? Do my personal goals align with the two? Join Marc De Kuyper for a candid, NxG perspective on these questions and see how the pursuit of personal goals can coexist with the expectations of family and business.

Topics include:

  • How to carve out your own niche
  • Driving succession planning
  • Setting and managing personal goals
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership development

Breakout Sessions

Developing the Next Generation: From Entitlement to Enlightenment

  ‌  Margaret Jean Mannix (G4)
   Chairwoman, Loram 99 Corp.


How does a family business prepare the next generation to become exceptional leaders?  In this session, Margaret Jean Mannix will share how Loram 99 has made investing in the NxG a top priority.  See what steps Loram takes to groom their NxG members for future success and learn how education and hands-on learning have proved to be significant factors in shaping thoughtful, forward-thinking business leaders.

Topics include:

  • Identifying key goals for the future of the business
  • The importance of educating the NextGen from an early age
  • How Investing in the NextGen goes beyond dollars
  • Gaining an understanding of NextGen goals

Stepping into Leadership: Managing Up

  ‌  Mike Hamra (G2)
   President and Chief Operating Officer,
   Hamra Enterprises


Transitioning from one generation to the next can definitely have its sticking points. What worked for one generation may not work for the next, which is why communication between the incoming and outgoing generations is key. In this session, Mike Hamra gives a candid account of his transition to CEO of Hamra Enterprises. Hear about his journey firsthand: the challenges he faced and the experience of stepping into his father’s leadership role.

Topics include:

  • Common challenges in stepping up and letting go
  • Building trust and support
  • The increased importance of communication
  • Creating your mark while honoring history

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