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Learning System


The Family Business Center promotes a two-way exchange of experiences and wisdom among the Loyola University Family Business Center researchers, faculty, advisors, and business-owning families through education, peer groups, and networking.

Conferences, Seminars, and Webinars
Programs focused on issues related to the environment of family business, such as succession, leadership styles, family communication, estate planning, and more are covered in the FBC’s educational offerings. Check out our 2015 conferences, seminars, and webinars. 

Peer Advisory Groups
Peer Advisory Groups (PAGs) consist of 8-10 members who confidentially explore family business subjects of mutual interest. No two individuals from the same family can be in the same group, and competitors are never placed in the same group. Learn more about PAGs.

Next Generation Leadership Institute
The Next Generation Leadership Institute (NGLI) prepares future family business leaders for their unique roles to better ensure the successful transition, continuity and growth of the business, family harmony, and personal fulfillment. Through a powerful network of learning and support from family business experts, peers, and business leaders, participants are able to develop and practice their own leadership styles and skills, design their leadership development plans, and increase effectiveness as responsible family business leaders. Learn more about NGLI.