Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business


Family Business Stewardship Institute
The Family Business Stewardship Institute (FBSI), prepares family business owners, shareholders, and stakeholders (including non-owner spouses and future owners) for effective stewardship of their family enterprises. This comprehensive educational curriculum addresses the major competencies needed for effective family business ownership. The goal of the program is to prepare stakeholders—both financial and emotional—for the significant and sometimes unpredictable transitions and decisions that must be made to determine the success and continuity of the family business.

Next Generation Leadership Institute
The Next Generation Leadership Institute (NGLI) prepares family business members for their unique leadership roles. With a comprehensive curriculum divided into three sections (business, family, and self), NGLI provides a powerful network of learning and support. Participants develop and practice their leadership style, create a lifetime development plan, and increase their effectiveness as responsible family business leaders.