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Thomas L. Zeller

Title/s: Professor

Office #: Maguire 524

Phone: 312.915.7626

E-mail: tzeller@LUC.edu


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Refereed Articles 

Zeller, T.L., Metzger, L.M. (2013). Good Bye Traditional Budgeting, Hello Rolling Forecast: Has The Time Come? American Journal of Business Education, 6(3), 13.

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Stanko, Brian. B. and Thomas Zeller, Introduction to the Corporate Annual Report: A Business Application, third edition. (2011). 

Book Chapters 

Stanko, B.B., Zeller, T.L. (2013). Business and Accounting Essentials: A McDonald's E-Learning Project, 2nd Edition (2nd ed.). Illinois: Applied Accounting Analytics.

Stanko, B.B., Zeller, T.L. (2013). Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Reporting: A McDonald's (E)arth Learning Project, First Edition (1st ed.). Palatine, Illinois: Applied Accounting Analytics.

Zeller, Thomas. L. , "Statement of Cash Flows.",  Managerial Accounting, Third Edition. Ed. John Wiley & Sons, 2007.  

Teaching Cases

Stanko, B.B. (2013). Business and Accounting Essentials: A McDonalds E-Learning Project, 3rd Edition (3rd ed.) Palatine, Illinois: Applied Accounting Analytics. www.appliedaccountinganalytics.com

Stanko, B.B. (2013). Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Reporting: A McDonald's (E)arth Learning Project, 2nd Edition (2nd ed.) Palatine, Illinois: Applied Accounting Analytics. www.appliedaccountinganalytics.com

Presentation of Refereed Papers 

"Investing Presentation Change in Company Annual Reports has been accepted for publication in the Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal. Source e-mail dated 10/19/2011.  Co-authors – Stanko, B, Jin H.

“Customer Profitability Analysis,” Academy of Business Discipline Conference, November 2010, recognized as the best case at the conference.

Zeller, Thomas. (2005). "Using Annual Report Projects to Improve Financial Statement Understanding." AAA National Meeting, San Francisco, California.

Zeller, Thomas. (2009). "Customer Profitability Analysis." Illinois, Indiana, and Texas Controllers Conference, Chicago, Illinois.

Zeller, Thomas. (2007). "Balance Growth and Performance." Illinois, Indiana and Texas Controllers Conference, Chicago, Illinois.

Zeller, Thomas. (2006). "Evaluating Risk and Capital Investments." CPA Society Technology Conference, Chicago, Illinois.


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