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Gezinus J. Hidding

Title/s: Associate Professor

Office #: Schreiber 417

Phone: 312.915.7059

E-mail: ghiddin@luc.edu

External Webpage: http://orion.it.luc.edu/~ghiddin/


  • PhD Information Systems, 1992

  • MS Systems Science - MIS, 1985

  • Graduate School of Industrial Administration (now Tepper School of Business) of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA Dissertation Title: Strategy Decision Making: An Expert Systems Implementation

  • MS ("doctoraal") Econometrics - MIS, 1982

  • BS ("kandidaats") Econometrics, 1979

    University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands

Research Interests

I have several areas of research interest, which are summarized below. Based on feedback from executives, professionals, peers, students, or readers, my research interests will further evolve. The type of research I am interested in will likely continue to be a mix of conceptual and empirical.

Business Strategy and Information Technology

IT Strategy is essentially a variant on the question: What can an organization do to be strategically more successful? The reference domain to help answer this question is Competitive Strategy. Resource-based or knowledge-based theories have been advanced. Recently, a specific methodology that has been advanced is Sustainability Analysis (developed by Prof. Jeff Williams). A key question: What are implications of Sustainability Analysis for IT Strategy?

"First-mover advantage" is a well-known strategy concept in traditional industries. It has been mentioned a lot as well for IT-based industries. But, we found first-mover advantages do not really exist for IT-based industries. Instead, fast-followers seem to lead IT-based industries. Consequently, our current research focused on "Why do fast followers win?"

"Information Industries Initiative": How do firms that only sell information compete? What are their strategies? What is the basis of competition? With the "information economy" becoming a more important topic every day, such questions become more important and urgent to address.

Project Management

Despite the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), there are continuing high levels of project failures, low esteem of project management disciplines held by senior executives, and continuing frustrations expressed by project management professionals. Also, companies are struggling with how to tie project management focused on value to systems development methods that enable shorter cycles and interactive design. Hence, there is a clear need to transform project management.

With a group of dedicated project management professionals, we have started to focus on "Value-Driven Project Leadership" as an approach to improve the practice of project management.

Use of System Development Methods

System Development Methods can be seen as valuable knowledge assets. However, very little is known empirically about how System Development Methodologies are used. Some questions are: Why are methods (not) used? What are cultural differences in the use of methods? Ongoing research will focus on longitudinal studies of methodology use.

Other interests

Knowledge Management (or a related term Learning Organization) are currently of great interest. However, there is very little emphasis on the inherent organizational infrastructure issues, or how the value of knowledge management can be determined. How is an learning organization different? What are the new organizational entities to enable knowledge management? How are they supported and reinforced with Information Technology? What are some techniques by which the value of knowledge management can be determined.

Inspired by my dissertation research, there are many (empirical) questions regarding Decision Support (Systems): What decisions do executives make? How is executive's decision making best supported? By advising what to do? By advising what not to do? By supporting conclusions based on other cases? By presenting the underlying reasoning? Should that reasoning be probabilistic or not? Some of the above, all of the above, none of the above?

Professional & Community Affiliations


  • Society of Information Management (SIM)

  • Strategic Management Association

Professional Activities

  • Founder and CEO of YouRentIt.com

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of verhuur.nl, an Easy2Find B.V. company, in the Netherlands.

  • Member of the Boards of Advisors of Chicago-based CentraCom, Inc. (2001 - present), CouponWerks (2004 - present), TEKChand LLC (2001 - 2004), RocketCheck.com (2000 - 2002) and Eolas Development Corporation (1998 - 2000).

  • Advised the (National Library of Medicine funded) IAIMS project at Loyola Medical Center regarding requirements analysis for a datawarehousing project and proposal development (2002). Advised several companies in strategic use of IT and Knowledge Management.

  • Accenture (1986-1996) Generally received "outstanding" performance reviews. Was promoted 5 times. AI/Knowledge Based systems in US and France. Conceptual leadership on multi-year program to re-engineer the firm's methodologies from all competency groups for world-wide practice.

Courses Taught


  • ISSCM 247. Computer Concepts and Applications

  • INFS 347. Systems Analysis and Design

  • ISSCM 349. Project Management

Graduate (MBA/MSISM/EMBA):

  • INFS 493. Strategic Use of IT (previously also called "eCommerce technology")

  • INFS 497. Intelligent Systems for Business

  • ISSCM 601. Strategic Use of IT

  • INFS 797. Applications of eBusiness Technology


  • 2002 Quinlan School of Business Faculty Member of the Year award,

  • Promoted (early) to Associate Professor with tenure (Summer 2001),

  • 2001 Quinlan School of Business Teaching Innovation Award.

Selected Publications

Refereed Articles

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Refereed Proceedings

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Book Chapters

Hidding, Gezinus. J. & Williams, J. "Fast-follower Advantage in I.T.-intensive Markets: An Historical Analysis.", Enabling Executive Information Technology Competencies. Ed. Andrew Wenn and K. Kathy Dhanda Washington, D.C.: Information Institute, 2006.

Presentation of Refereed Papers

Hidding, Gezinus, and J. Nicholas. (2010). "Reducing Project Failures Through Value-Driven Change Leadership." Applied Business Research Conference of the Clute Institute, Orlando, Florida.

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