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Managing Risk in Healthcare

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All sessions are held on two consecutive days.

To register for this program please visit The Center for Risk Management.

October 20-21 ($1,900)

Class Times: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Program Fee: The fee listed above includes tuition, all program materials, continental breakfast and coffee breaks.

Location: Loyola's Water Tower Campus
1 E. Pearson, Chicago, Illinois 60611, conveniently located just off of Michigan Avenue

This program can also be conducted on-site and designed around the needs of a group of managers from your organization.


Technology is pervasive in all parts of society, both personal and professional. The adoption of technology by healthcare systems, however, may be slower than in other sectors. Although there may be pitfalls to negotiate while implementing healthcare technologies (regulations, attitudes and perceptions around new technology, etc.), off-the-shelf technology implementations in select instances can result in huge dividends for a healthcare system. This two-day course is designed to address the risks that emerging technologies pose and how to take advantage of the opportunities they present. The course will consider approaches to maximize the promise that emerging technologies offer to healthcare systems while minimizing the perils that new technologies and resulting processes may pose.

Key Benefits                          

During this session, you will:

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for hospitalists, healthcare practitioners (physicians, nurses, managers, insurers, etc.), health technologists and other professionals seeking to better understand the confluence of technology and healthcare.

Program Outline

Day One

Enterprise Risk and Innovation in Healthcare

  • A brief introduction to the concept of Enterprise Risk Management and how enterprises manage risk in a fast-moving, dynamic environment
  • Introduction to various risk management frameworks, with a focus on emerging healthcare technology, to assess financial and organizational risk
  • Techniques healthcare enterprises should consider as they foster and grow innovation within their enterprises
  • Best practices, techniques, and approaches that may currently be uncommon in healthcare, such as corporate incubation, accelerator programs, and venture capital funds
  • An introduction to Enovale™, a proven technique aligning people with processes leading to predictable innovation outcomes and sustained progress

Managing Emerging Technologies in Healthcare

  • A survey of the emerging technology landscape, key innovations making an impact in healthcare and challenges in regulation and adoption
  • A review of applicable case studies, illustrating the success and failure of emerging healthcare technologies
  • An exploration of various business models used to initiate, encourage, and sustain a culture of innovation

Therapy Session I

  • Using frameworks discussed in the above sessions, participants will form small groups to outline a specific real-life challenge
  • Instructors will circulate to provide guidance while participants formulate challenges, key issues, and potential solutions

Day Two

Healthcare Process Innovations using Emerging Technologies

  • Participants will investigate available technologies whose adoption can encourage high-impact changes to existing processes
  • Investigation into mobile technologies, including smartphones, health apps, wearable technologies, and the resulting explosion in patient data that presents both immense potential and risk
  • Discussion of the various factors to be considered as creators and as prescribers of wearable technology
  • A deep-dive into operating room inventory management

Culture: The Secret Sauce in Success

  • A case-driven discussion on the critical role culture plays in fostering, adopting, and sustaining the success of new technologies in healthcare organizations

Therapy Session II

  • Using frameworks discussed in the above sessions, participants will reconvene into groups to outline a specific real-world challenge
  • Each team will have a chance to present their challenge and solutions to fellow participants and an expert panel to receive feedback and recommendations

To register for this program please visit The Center for Risk Management.


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