Quinlan’s mini-MBA certificate: the perfect resume booster

What attracted you to Quinlan’s Executive Education program?

“I was unemployed at the time, and I used the mini-MBA to bolster my resume. I decided to think outside the box and start investing in myself—that’s what brought me to the Executive Education program.”

So did it help you find work?

“Absolutely. I found a new job a few months after I finished the program, and I would say the mini-MBA definitely helped me get hired. My new employer was very impressed that I took the program.”

What were your favorite parts about the mini-MBA?

“I really enjoyed getting to know everyone in my class. There were people from all different backgrounds and industries, everything from nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies. It was a wonderful cross-section of people. There really were some amazing people there.”

Why Quinlan (in 10 words or less)?

“A perfect balance between lecture and class participation.”

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