Custom training program puts everyone on the same page

What attracted you to Quinlan’s Executive Education program?

“Many of our employees have science and technology backgrounds, so a lot of them never received any formal business training. But we knew that to continue gaining market share we’d have to provide some business education, and the only way to do it efficiently is to bring it on site and make it feel like a part of our company.”

How long have you been working with Quinlan?

“We’ve been using Quinlan for three years, and about half of our employees have taken at least one Executive Education class. The mini-MBA program is embedded within our organization. Everyone knows about it, and it’s a big part of our development planning.”

You also offer your employees a custom class, too, correct?

“We do. We worked with Quinlan to design our Birth of a Customer class to help our employees understand their roles in the company. We talk about everyone’s job function, and we show how a customer travels through our organization, and how whatever seat you sit in, whatever role you’re in, you affect the customer and you affect the business.”

And what benefits have you seen at Sysmex ?

“We’re finding now that many of our highly technical employees are more comfortable talking about business issues, either with one another or with customers.”

Why Quinlan (in 10 words or less)?

“Quinlan is great. They are our go-to for training.”

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