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Custom Programs

Custom programs are tailored to an organization in content, format and delivery and focus on issues of immediate concern. Executive Education custom programs are designed in partnership with an organization. We recognize the importance of tailoring programs to meet the specific needs of a group or the issue-specific development needs of individuals.

Our custom programs are developed and delivered using a flexible four-step partnering process.

STEP 1: Exploratory meetings/strategic review

Senior Executive Education staff meet with your company's managers to review the company's strategic goals and challenges. By better understanding the issues your company faces, we can help define the appropriate educational program, which usually leads to identifying specific learning objectives.

STEP 2: Program development

Executive Education staff conduct a comprehensive needs analysis and work with your company to develop a curriculum tailored to your company‘s needs. A proposal is prepared for review and discussion.

STEP 3: Program delivery

Faculty members teach programs in collaboration with company staff and industry experts. We conduct the program on-site or in the state-of-the-art classrooms at our Water Tower Campus.

STEP 4: Follow up and ongoing review

To assess results and satisfaction with the program, we gather detailed feedback on the program and faculty, and jointly review feedback with management teams from the partnering organization. We also design transfer of knowledge exercises to be included in the program, as well as company-specific inter-session activities to apply knowledge learned between sessions, if requested.

Customized Certificate Programs

Unique to your organization, customized certificate programs can be designed in close alignment with your company's specific business goals. Initiating a company-specific joint certificate program demonstrates your organization’s commitment to growth and learning, and encourages professional development while contributing to increasing employee retention.

Executive Education offers many types of customized certificate programs—tailored to your company—including a flexible public enrollment/company-specific combination certificate, which many companies find appealing because it combines company-unique training with the opportunity to attend elective programs with people from other companies. It also provides scheduling flexibility because the elective selections can be matched to the scheduling needs of your business.

Relationship Benefits

Our fundamental approach is in developing long-term relationships with our partner organizations based on our understanding their business strategy, challenges and goals. As such, we offer the following:

Effective Team Building Facilitation

Executive Education can provide team building activities and retreat facilitation for work teams of all sizes. Executive Education can help newly formed teams or long standing work groups to increase trust and collaboration, improve communication, establish group norms and expectations, enhance decision-making, as well as deal more effectively with conflict and change. Utilizing experiential learning activities, Executive Education can assist team members in learning about themselves as individuals and how they can work more effectively as a team to increase productivity. Teams will experience a variety of problem-solving activities, examine how they work together and begin to identify how they can apply their experience in being more productive in the workplace.

Executive Education facilitators can also use a variety of team and individual assessments to help the group begin to learn about their differences, similarities, and work styles. The DiSC Team instrument, the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) are just a few of the instruments that can be utilized to accomplish these goals.

Program Fees

Fees are based on the level of customization, development and delivery time, and vary by project.

Contact Us

For more information about our organizational programs, custom programs and organizational retreats, please contact us at: 312.915.6761; or e-mail: executive-ed@luc.edu.

To request additional information online, please click here.

Program Hosting

Programs can be conducted in our Executive Education classrooms or at your organization.

Loyola has offered hundreds of custom-designed programs for some of the world’s most widely known organizations. Let us show you the benefits of our corporate training programs.


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