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Managers are held accountable for the bottom line of their operations and must be able to measure their contributions and justify their requests. Accounting is the universal language of business, and as a key decision maker in your organization your success hinges on your ability to speak the "numbers" confidently.

Loyola's programs in managerial accounting and financial accounting explain broad financial principles and their practical applications, to improve your skills in reading and analyzing financial statements, explaining concepts essential to setting financial targets, assessing financial performance, and evaluating strategies.

Custom programs may be assembled choosing from half day to full day sessions of the two topics listed below. Existing sessions may be expanded depending on requirements.

Programmatic choices include:

Financial Accounting
Financial Accounting encompasses the way companies account for economic events under generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Financial Reporting is the accumulation and packaging of these results into a framework that is ideal for both internal and external reporting review and analysis. After completing this session, you will understand:

Managerial Accounting
Managerial Accounting deals with information used by managers and the workforce within the firm to make effective decisions. This session explores budgeting practices, typical internal accounting reports and cost behaviors, activity-based costing and the time value of money topics. We explore current practices with each. The budgeting process will be used to glue together the session's topics. After completing this session you will understand:

Program Fees
Fees are based on the level of customization, development and delivery time, and vary by project.

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For more information about our organizational programs, custom programs and organizational retreats, please contact us at: 312.915.6781; or e-mail: executive-ed@luc.edu.

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Program Hosting
Programs can be conducted at Loyola's Executive Education training center in downtown Chicago, at one of our suburban campuses across Chicagoland, or onsite at your organization.


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