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Cover Letters

A cover letter presents the qualifications and experience you offer to an employer, while demonstrating your written communication skills. You should generally always include a cover letter (unless specifically told not to) when sending your resume to an individual or an organization. The cover letter allows you to direct the reader's attention to specific strengths or accomplishments that are especially relevant to the organization or the position you are seeking. It is just as important as your resume and serves the same basic purpose--to get you an interview.

As you proceed with your job search, it will also be necessary for you to prepare other types of correspondence, including thank you letters, acceptance and rejection letters, etc. The same careful attention should be given to these, as they are also important in conveying the positive and professional image necessary for a successful job search.


Writing Guide

Types of Letters

Application Cover Letter (Used in response to job advertisement or position vacancy announcement)

Prospecting Cover Letter (Used when searching or "prospecting" for possible vacancies)

Thank You Letter

Letter of Acceptance

Letter of Rejection (After a Job Offer)


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