Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business

Research in Social Enterprise

The Baumhart Center supports research that advances knowledge of social enterprise and contributes to its effectiveness, including the dissemination of the knowledge created to the academic and practitioner social enterprise communities.

Research in social enterprise necessarily involves interdisciplinary cooperation between scholars from many parts of the university and collaboration with practitioners in social enterprise organizations.

The activities of the Baumhart Center in support of research include: 

  • Identifying suitable research projects,
  • Recruiting capable researchers within the business school, the university, and the larger community,
  • Collaborating in research with other centers within the university and community organizations,
  • Providing funding for research through its own resources and available external sources,
  • Conducting periodic research lectures, seminars, symposiums, and conferences relating to social enterprise, and
  • Disseminating the research results in peer-reviewed journals and other publications, and online.