Loyola University Chicago


Vendors Listing for Historical Supplier Commodities/Services

* Indicates a Pre-Qualified Supplier

Commodities/Services Existing Vendors Listing
Major Commodities & Services - Purchasing Process

Commodity / Services


Acquisition Method

Analytical Equipment Waters Corp. Purchase Req.
Animal Feed Animal Feeds and Needs P-Card, Purchase Req.
Antibodies / Reagents ABCam
Applied Biosystems
Cell Signaling Technology Inc
E Bioscience
Santa Cruz Biotech
Purchase Req
Appliances ABT P-Card
Audio-Visual Equipment United Visual, Inc.
Sanyo North America
P-Card, Purchase Req.
Bio Sciences Hardware Bio-Rad Laboratories
BD Bioscience
P-Card, Purchase Req.
Biology Supplies (Live) Carolina Biological
Heska Corporation 
P-Card, Purchase Req.
Biological Supplies, DNA University of Chicago Purchase Req.
  Invitrogen Purchase Req.
  Promega Corp. Purchase Req.
  Stratagene Purchase Req.
Bottled Water Ice Mountain P-Card
Check Requisition
Business Cards/Stationery Loyola Printing Services Printing Services Req.
Business Forms Loyola Printing Services Printing Services Review, Purchase Req.
Car Rental Enterprise Rent-A-Car P-Card
Caterers Aramark Provide Dept. Budget Acct. #
to Dining Services
Chemicals Amersham Holdings P-Card, Purchase Req.
  Beckman Coulter P-Card, Purchase Req.
  Diagger P-Card, Purchase Req.
  Dot Scientific P-Card, Purchase Req.
  * Fisher Scientific P-Card, Purchase Req.
  Gehrke (Water Treatment) P-Card, Purchase Req.
  Sigma Chemical P-Card, Purchase Req.
  * VWR Scientific P-Card, Purchase Req.
Computer Hardware- PC MIS Computer P-Card, Purchase Req.
  Apple Computer P-Card, Purchase Req.
Computer Hardware -
CDW-G Purchase Req., P-card
  MIS Computer Purchase Req.
Computer Hardware - Mac Apple Computer Purchase Req.
Computer Peripherals CDW-G P-Card, Purchase Req. 
  * MIS Computers (Secondary) P-Card, Purchase Req. 
Computer Repair - PC & MAC Sentinel  I.T. Review
Computer Software - Network Communication Supply Corporation P-Card, Purchase Req.
Computer Software -
(User should request academic pricing)
CDW-G P-Card, Purchase Req.
  University Bookstores P-Card
Courier, Messenger Services Dynamex Inc. Check Req.
Copiers LUCOMP Program Purchasing Department
Electrical Projects E. Stone Purchase Req. (Facilities /Info Services)
Electrical Supplies, Hardware Clark-Devon Hardware P-Card, Purchase Req.
  W.W. Grainger P-Card, Purchase Req.
  Bright Electrical Supply P-Card, Purchase Req.
  Graybar Electric P-Card, Purchase Req.
Electronics Newark Electronics Purchase Req.
  Allied Electronics Purchase Req.
Elevator Repair/Inspection Anderson Elevator Purchase Req. (Facilities)
Envelopes, Stationery & Specialty Loyola Printing Services Printing Services Req.
Enzymes New England Biolabs P-Card, Purchase Req.
Equipment Distributors (Club Cars) Randall Industries P-Card, Purchase Req.
Evaluation Forms (Academic) Pearson Assessments Purchase Req.
Fax Machines Regal Purchase Req.
Fax Supplies Regal Purchase Req.
  * Warehouse Direct Purchase Req., Website
Filters Associated Air Filter P-Card, Purchase Req.
Fire and Safety (Equipment/Inspections) U.S. Fire and Safety Purchase Req.(Facilities)
Furniture (Office) Manager, Design Services Office Furniture Purchase Req.
Graphic Designers Loyola Printing Services Printing Services Req.
Hardware Active Electrical
Joseph Electronics
Martin Supply Co.
W.W. Grainger
Steiner Electric
Hyre Electrical
Clark Devon Hardware

P-Card, Purchase Req.
Hazardous Materials Appropriate License Review by Safety Officer
Household Moves/Movers Hallet Movers P-Card, Purchase Req.
Industrial/Janitorial Supplies Sani-Craft Co. P-Card, Purchase Req.
Lab Equipment Becton Dickinson Purchase Req
Lab Supplies Amersham Holdings P-Card, Purchase Req.
  Beckman Coulter P-Card, Purchase Req.
  Diagger P-Card, Purchase Req.
  Dot Scientific P-Card, Purchase Req.
  * Fisher Scientific P-Card, Purchase Req.
  Gehrke (Water Treatment) P-Card, Purchase Req.
  Sigma Chemical P-Card, Purchase Req.
  * VWR Scientific P-Card, Purchase Req.
Laser Ink Cartridges - New CDW-G P-Card, Purchase Req.
  * MIS Computers P-Card, Purchase Req.
  * Warehouse Direct Website, Purchase Req.
Linens American Hotel Register Purchase Req.
Lumber Home Depot P- Card, Purchase Req..
Mailing Equipment/Supplies Pitney Bowes Purchase Req, P-Card
Mailing Services (Direct Mail) Canon Business Process Service, Inc.  Advance Notice
Mechanical Cleaning/Repair Hayes Mechanical Purchase Req.
Medical Supplies / Equipment Webster Veterinary Supply Purchase Req.
Micro Imaging Systems Visual Sonics Purchase Req.
Microscopes Nikon Instruments Purchase Req.
Office Supplies * Warehouse Direct P-Card, Purchase Req, Website
Overnight Mail - Domestic UPS Campus Ship Software
Overnight Mail - International UPS Campus Ship Software
Pagers/Paging Services A T & T Telecommunications Dept.
  Cellular One Telecommunications Dept.
Paper (Copy) * Warehouse Direct Purchase Req, Website
Paper (Specialty) Paper Direct P-Card, Purchase Req.
Parking Industry Services Revcon Technology Group Purchase Req.
Pest Control Chicago Exterminating Facilities Work Order
Photocopying Loyola Printing Services Printing Services Req.
Photographic Material B&H Photo P-Card, Purchase Req.
  Calumet Photo P-Card, Purchase Req.
Printing (Law School) Joe Christensen Inc. Purchase Req.
Promotional Items/Awards Cranley Awards P-Card, Purchase Req.
  O.C. Tanner P-Card, Purchase Req.
  PMSI P-Card, Purchase Req.
Research Products (Biology/Chemistry) Millipore Corporation Purchase Req.
  Qiagen P-Card, Purchase Req.
  R&D Systems P-Card, Purchase Req.
Signs, Signage ACS - Susico Sub-Surface Sign Co. Facilities Dept. Review
  Fast Signs  Facilities Dept. Review
(University Agreements)
A & H Vending Purchasing Department
  Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Purchasing Department
Software (Adobe) School World P-Card, Purchase Req 
Software and Support Oracle Corp. P-Card, Purchase Req.
Specialty Cell Culture Media Stem Cell Technologies Purchase Req.
Sporting/Athletic Goods Cranley Awards Purchase Req.
  Don's World of Sports Purchase Req.
  Dodger (Clothing) Purchase Req.
  University Bookstore P-Card
Subscriptions, Dues, Membership Various suppliers P-Card, Check Req.
Telecommunication Equipment Source One Purchase Req.
  GBH Purchase Req.
  Invisinet Purchase Req.
  Network System Technology Purchase Req.
Telecommunications  Lucent Technologies Purchase Req.
  CISCO Purchase Req.
Temporary Services Manpower Human Resources Approval
Training Contact HR H.R. Dept. Approval
Uniforms Kale Uniforms Purchase Req.