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Vendors Listing for Historical Supplier Commodities/Services

* Indicates a Pre-Qualified Supplier

Commodities/Services Existing Vendors Listing
Major Commodities & Services - Purchasing Process

Commodity / Services


Acquisition Method

Analytical EquipmentWaters Corp.Purchase Req.
Animal FeedAnimal Feeds and NeedsP-Card, Purchase Req.
Antibodies / ReagentsABCam
Applied Biosystems
Cell Signaling Technology Inc
E Bioscience
Santa Cruz Biotech
Purchase Req
Audio-Visual EquipmentUnited Visual, Inc.
Sanyo North America
P-Card, Purchase Req.
Bio Sciences HardwareBio-Rad Laboratories
BD Bioscience
P-Card, Purchase Req.
Biology Supplies (Live)Carolina Biological
Heska Corporation 
P-Card, Purchase Req.
Biological Supplies, DNAUniversity of ChicagoPurchase Req.
 InvitrogenPurchase Req.
 Promega Corp.Purchase Req.
 StratagenePurchase Req.
Bottled WaterIce MountainP-Card
Check Requisition
Business Cards/StationeryLoyola Printing ServicesPrinting Services Req.
Business FormsLoyola Printing ServicesPrinting Services Review, Purchase Req.
Car RentalEnterprise Rent-A-CarP-Card
CaterersAramarkProvide Dept. Budget Acct. #
to Dining Services
ChemicalsAmersham HoldingsP-Card, Purchase Req.
Beckman CoulterP-Card, Purchase Req.
DiaggerP-Card, Purchase Req.
Dot ScientificP-Card, Purchase Req.
* Fisher ScientificP-Card, Purchase Req.
Gehrke (Water Treatment)P-Card, Purchase Req.
Sigma ChemicalP-Card, Purchase Req.
* VWR ScientificP-Card, Purchase Req.
Computer Hardware- PCMIS ComputerP-Card, Purchase Req.
Apple ComputerP-Card, Purchase Req.
Computer Hardware -
CDW-GPurchase Req., P-card
MIS ComputerPurchase Req.
Computer Hardware - MacApple ComputerPurchase Req.
Computer PeripheralsCDW-GP-Card, Purchase Req. 
* MIS Computers (Secondary)P-Card, Purchase Req. 
Computer Repair - PC & MACSentinel I.T. Review
Computer Software - NetworkCommunication Supply CorporationP-Card, Purchase Req.
Computer Software -
(User should request academic pricing)
CDW-GP-Card, Purchase Req.
University BookstoresP-Card
Courier, Messenger ServicesDynamex Inc.Check Req.
CopiersLUCOMP ProgramPurchasing Department
Electrical ProjectsE. StonePurchase Req. (Facilities /Info Services)
Electrical Supplies, HardwareClark-Devon HardwareP-Card, Purchase Req.
W.W. GraingerP-Card, Purchase Req.
Bright Electrical SupplyP-Card, Purchase Req.
Graybar ElectricP-Card, Purchase Req.
ElectronicsNewark ElectronicsPurchase Req.
Allied ElectronicsPurchase Req.
Elevator Repair/InspectionAnderson ElevatorPurchase Req. (Facilities)
Envelopes, Stationery & SpecialtyLoyola Printing ServicesPrinting Services Req.
EnzymesNew England BiolabsP-Card, Purchase Req.
Equipment Distributors (Club Cars)Randall IndustriesP-Card, Purchase Req.
Evaluation Forms (Academic)Pearson AssessmentsPurchase Req.
Fax MachinesRegalPurchase Req.
Fax SuppliesRegalPurchase Req.
* Warehouse DirectPurchase Req., Website
FiltersAssociated Air FilterP-Card, Purchase Req.
Fire and Safety (Equipment/Inspections)U.S. Fire and SafetyPurchase Req.(Facilities)
Furniture (Office)Loyola Interior Design ManagerOffice Furniture Purchase Req.
Graphic DesignersLoyola Printing ServicesPrinting Services Req.
HardwareActive Electrical
Joseph Electronics
Martin Supply Co.
W.W. Grainger
Steiner Electric
Hyre Electrical
Clark Devon Hardware

P-Card, Purchase Req.
Hazardous MaterialsAppropriate LicenseReview by Safety Officer
Household Moves/MoversHallet MoversP-Card, Purchase Req.
Industrial/Janitorial SuppliesSani-Craft Co.P-Card, Purchase Req.
Lab EquipmentBecton DickinsonPurchase Req
Lab SuppliesAmersham HoldingsP-Card, Purchase Req.
Beckman CoulterP-Card, Purchase Req.
DiaggerP-Card, Purchase Req.
Dot ScientificP-Card, Purchase Req.
* Fisher ScientificP-Card, Purchase Req.
Gehrke (Water Treatment)P-Card, Purchase Req.
Sigma ChemicalP-Card, Purchase Req.
* VWR ScientificP-Card, Purchase Req.
Laser Ink Cartridges - NewCDW-GP-Card, Purchase Req.
* MIS ComputersP-Card, Purchase Req.
* Warehouse DirectWebsite, Purchase Req.
LinensAmerican Hotel RegisterPurchase Req.
LumberHome DepotP- Card, Purchase Req..
Mailing Equipment/SuppliesPitney BowesPurchase Req, P-Card
Mailing Services (Direct Mail) OCE Business ServicesAdvance Notice
Mechanical Cleaning/RepairHayes MechanicalPurchase Req.
Medical Supplies / EquipmentWebster Veterinary SupplyPurchase Req.
Micro Imaging SystemsVisual SonicsPurchase Req.
MicroscopesNikon InstrumentsPurchase Req.
Office Supplies* Warehouse DirectP-Card, Purchase Req, Website
Overnight Mail - DomesticUPSCampus Ship Software
Overnight Mail - InternationalUPSCampus Ship Software
Pagers/Paging ServicesA T & TTelecommunications Dept.
Cellular OneTelecommunications Dept.
Paper (Copy)* Warehouse DirectPurchase Req, Website
Paper (Specialty)Paper DirectP-Card, Purchase Req.
Parking Industry ServicesRevcon Technology GroupPurchase Req.
Pest ControlChicago ExterminatingFacilities Work Order
PhotocopyingLoyola Printing ServicesPrinting Services Req.
Photographic MaterialB&H PhotoP-Card, Purchase Req.
 Calumet PhotoP-Card, Purchase Req.
Printing (Law School)Joe Christensen Inc.Purchase Req.
Promotional Items/AwardsCranley AwardsP-Card, Purchase Req.
O.C. TannerP-Card, Purchase Req.
PMSIP-Card, Purchase Req.
Research Products (Biology/Chemistry)Millipore CorporationPurchase Req.
QiagenP-Card, Purchase Req.
R&D SystemsP-Card, Purchase Req.
Signs, SignageACS - Susico Sub-Sirface Sign Co.Facilities Dept. Review
Fast Signs Facilities Dept. Review
(University Agreements)
A & H VendingPurchasing Department
Coca-Cola Bottling Co.Purchasing Department
Dr. Pepper / Snapple GroupPurchasing Department
Software (Adobe)School WorldP-Card, Purchase Req 
Software and SupportOracle Corp.P-Card, Purchase Req.
Specialty Cell Culture MediaStem Cell TechnologiesPurchase Req.
Sporting/Athletic GoodsCranley AwardsPurchase Req.
Don's World of SportsPurchase Req.
Dodger (Clothing)Purchase Req.
University BookstoreP-Card
Subscriptions, Dues, MembershipVarious suppliersP-Card, Check Req.
Telecommunication EquipmentSource OnePurchase Req.
 GBHPurchase Req.
 InvisinetPurchase Req.
 Network System TechnologyPurchase Req.
TelecommunicatiosLucent TechnologiesPurchase Req.
 CISCOPurchase Req.
Temporary ServicesManpowerHuman Resources Approval
TrainingContact HRH.R. Dept. Approval
UniformsKale UniformsPurchase Req.


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