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PSYC 390 Application Form

Student Information

Psychology Internship 390 Application Form

Print and complete this form then submit it to the Internship Coordinator for review. And while you're here, print out the faculty recommendation form twice.

Please Print Information Below Part I:

Student Information

Last Name
First Name 
2 _________________ ___________________ __________________
  Declared Major Phone Number Student ID Number

Anticipated Internship Enrollment Date (Semester/Year): ______

Anticipated Graduation Date: (circle one and fill in year)
January, 20 _____or May, 20_____

The following courses must be completed before you enroll for the internship. Please list the semester/year you have taken the course or plan to take the course, the instructor & the grade you received.

Psych 304 _______________ _______________ ____________
Psych 306 _______________ _______________ ____________

Psych 390 and 392 require commitments of 100+ hours to a work site. It is important that your schedule will permit this degree of commitment. Please check the following statement ONLY if it is true:

_______My schedule (work and school) will definitely allow me the necessary time for a psychology internship.

Part II:

Personal Narrative-please prepare on a separate page(s) and staple to this form. (Maximum length=2 typewritten, double-spaced pages).

Please briefly discuss what you hope to gain from this internship experience and how this internship experience fits into your future plans.

Describe your academic plans after graduation, indicating whether you plan to attend graduate school (your planned area of study, and the degree you are seeking).

Please describe your goals for the internship. Discuss any experiences you have had that relate to or may have prepared you for this type of internship experience (e.g., courses, research team experience, work experience, volunteer work, etc.).

Part III:

You are required to obtain recommendations from TWO Psychology faculty members, one of whom should be your instructor for PSYC 304 or 306. Recommendations must be made using the recommendation form.

These forms should be returned by the faculty members directly to the internship coordinator (instructions are with the recommendation form). Because your application will not be complete until these recommendations are received, please be sure to give these forms to the faculty members whom you are asking for a recommendation at least two weeks before the time you wish your application to be reviewed.

Part IV:

Include a copy of your unofficial college transcript. If you are a transfer student, please include transcripts from the schools in which you were previously enrolled.

Applications for each semester are due early on in the PRIOR semester (check with the internship coordinator for specific deadlines each semester). Watch for emails and posted announcements about specific dates. Space is limited; applications will be evaluated in order of receipt with attention given to the following:

Class rank (seniors have first priority)
Completion of Required Courses (e.g., 304, 306)
Psychology Courses Completed, and GPA
Personal Statement(Part II)
Recommendations of Faculty (Part III)

NOTE: You will be notified via e-mail when your application has been reviewed by the internship coordinator.

Send this form (Parts I and II) to:

Internship Coordinator
Department of Psychology
1032 W. Sheridan Rd.
Chicago, IL 60660