Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

Research in Applied Human Perception and Performance

Faculty Research

The faculty of the applied human perception and performance program have expertise in the general areas of audition, vision, cognition and speech perception. Current research explores a number of topics within these areas, including:

  • Psychoacoustical investigations of pitch, sound localization and auditory grouping (sound source determination)
  • Visual psychophysical investigations of visual search, spatial vision, mechanisms underlying the perception of brightening and darkening (the ON and OFF pathways) and mechanisms by which the visual system performs image segmentation
  • Auditory and cognitive bases of speech perception
  • Neurophysiological investigations of the coding of frequency, intensity and sound localization by the peripheral and central auditory nervous systems
  • Animal behavioral investigations of auditory abilities of fish and small mammals.

Most of the faculty members are affiliated with the Parmly Hearing Institute, an internationally known center for sensory and perceptual research. The Parmly Institute also offers a wide range of research opportunities for students in the perception program.

Student Research

Recent dissertations and master's theses in perception have included:

  • "Buildup of the Precedence Effect: Fusion Masking, Localization, and Lateralization of Reflections" (Dissertation)
  • "Global Effects on Local and Visual Search" (Master's thesis)
  • "The Perception of Temporal Regularity in Click-train Interval Stimuli" (Dissertation)