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The Psychology Club

Loyola's Psychology Club serves students through providing opportunities for engagement in psychology outside the classroom through building relationships across faculty and students, enrichment through education, and provides service to the broader Loyola community

We are a Loyola University Chicago club, welcoming all students with a passion for psychology to join the Loyola Psychology Club and expand their knowledge in the field of psychology. We are also dedicated to promoting Psychology as a scientific profession, in addition to promoting education, health, personal and community welfare. Through events such as keynote speakers, volunteer and research opportunities, and much more, we aim to present a well-rounded image of the field of psychology.

The Loyola Psychology Club also aims to serve both the club’s committee in addition to the Loyola University Chicago committee. Thus our social media pages serve to connect both committees and allow members and administrators to connect, stay updated with our events, and enjoy being part of the Loyola Psychology Club.

Join us!

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Loyola Psychology Club Executive Board


2016-2017 Executive Officers

 President Dinah Arafeh  darafeh@luc.edu
Vice President Danah Atassi datassi@luc.edu
Public Relations and Events Annrose Thuruthikara  athuruthikara@luc.edu
Public Relations and Events Ildize Kola  ikola@luc.edu
Public Relations Anum Siddiqui 


CAN Rep Prabhneet Girn pgirn@luc.edu
 Faculty Advisor  Dr. Catherine Haden chaden@luc.edu

Be in touch!  loyolapsychologyclub@gmail.com