Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology


Undergraduate psychology majors gain practical experience working in a social service agency while learning about the many ways that psychology is applied in these settings. Before the semester starts, students arrange their own internship placement at a human service organization such as group homes, social service agencies, mental health facilities, crisis hotlines, educational intervention programs, domestic violence or homeless shelters.

This work gives students valuable hands-on skills while also earning course credit by attending class meetings, competing weekly reading and writing assignments, and conducting an independent project, all of which integrate their internship experiences with academic learning.

In-class meetings involve group discussion of assigned readings and related internship experiences, and learning activities on professional development topics (e.g., Getting to know your internship agency; Becoming a helper; Taking care of yourself; Career development; Clinical and communication skills; Cultural competence; Ethical and professional issues in human services). Students must apply to take this course, early in the prior semester, so plan ahead!