Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

Patricia Rupert


 Title: Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. 
Office: Coffey Hall 342
Phone: 773.508.2970 
E-mail: prupert@luc.edu 


Personal Information

Ph.D., 1977, University of Kansas
M.A., 1973, Wright State University
B.S., summa cum laude, 1969, Miami University

Website:  PIER Lab

Research Interests:

My research interests include professional burnout, work-family integration, and ethical issues related to managed mental health care, confidentiality, and professional relationships. Over the past ten years, my lab has completed four national surveys examining the impact of managed care on the practice of psychology and factors associated with burnout, career satisfaction, and life satisfaction among professional psychologists. These surveys examined a range of variables related to work setting and work activities; client and psychologist characteristics; work satisfactions and stresses; and positive career sustaining behaviors or coping strategies that may help psychologists prevent burnout and maintain well functioning.  In addition, my graduate students have conducted a wide range of projects on ethical and professional issues, including work-family spillover, coping with negative client behaviors and burnout, management of confidentiality with HIV infected clients and with adolescent clients, use of touch in psychotherapy, and dual relationships with former psychotherapy clients.

My lab has just completed a two-phase longitudinal survey examining work, family, and personal factors that predict burnout and life satisfaction among practicing psychologists. We are now preparing to launch a study of factors related to gender differences in career and family plans, anticipated work-family conflict, and work-family facilitation in graduating college seniors.

Recent Publications:

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