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How to Complete the ECE

  1. Go to www.ece.org.
  2. On the ECE homepage, click on “Start your Evaluation” on the left hand bar in orange.
  3. Select your country from the dropdown menu that appears. A window will appear telling you what documentation you need to do an evaluation for your country. After you have read through this information, close the window and click on the orange button labeled “Start evaluation.”
  4. Fill out the general information (name, birthday, address, etc) on the form that appears on the next page, and click continue.
  5. On the next page, you will see “Step 2: Customize your Evaluation: Select the Report that is best for you.” Select “Course by course” evaluation and choose a rush service if necessary. Note that you will have to pay extra for the rush service ($50 for 12 business day delivery, $80 for a 5 day business day delivery.)
  6. On the next page, for “Purpose of Evaluation,” choose “Further education” and “Graduate.”
  7. Next, you will be required to fill out your educational history, listing all educational institutions attended, beginning with the first year of secondary school and ending with the last year of education (including the school in which you are currently enrolled, if any). Check the box agreeing to the terms and conditions on that same page.
  8. On the final page of the ECE evaluation, you will see the services you have selected and their total cost. Please note your application will not be submitted automatically. You must print and sign the completed form and mail it to ECE following the mail instructions on that same page. You will also receive a code for your evaluation on this page, which will allow you to access your saved application at a letter time.


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