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Pre-Law Advising


Accepting an Offer

You have gained admission to one or more law schools and now face the decision of where to attend. Few decisions are more important, and you should therefore consider a variety of factors to determine which law school is best for you.

An excellent starting point is the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) publication Degrees of Difference: A How-To Guide to Choosing a Law School. It provides extensive information and worksheets that will be useful in your decision-making process. (This document is available for free to Loyola University Chicago students via the University Library Website. Go to; go to the LEXUS/NEXUS resource; click on 'Legal Research'; scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

After you've learned more about the school(s), it is crucial to go and visit before you make your decision. Attend a class, talk with students and faculty, and explore the surrounding community. Make sure the school's areas of specialization match your interests.

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