Loyola University Chicago

Department of Political Science

PhD in Political Science

The PhD program in political science is intended for students who wish to prepare for teaching and research careers or who wish to acquire analytical and research skills necessary for a career in government or the private sector. The uniqueness of this program lies in its focus on applying insights regarding the values and purposes of political order to the issues and processes of American and international politics.

Requirements for the doctorate in political science include:

  • Completion of the MA degree
  • 60 hours of work (including the MA and the dissertation), 6 hours of which can be in a related discipline, including:
    1. Six courses in major field (American Politics, Comparative and International Politics, or Political Theory)
    2. Four courses in minor field
    3. Two courses in research methodology: PLSC 475 & 476 (Techniques of Political Analysis I & II)
    4. Eight elective courses
    5. Students may be required to develop language proficiency to conduct research on their doctoral dissertation.
  • Comprehensive Exams: Candidates must pass both written and oral comprehensive examinations in the major field and one minor field.

Students may transfer up to 30 hours of credit in graduate work from another university program based on an evaluation of the transcript and, when appropriate, a departmental diagnostic exam. Students must complete four semesters of residence, including at least two consecutive semesters at Loyola. At least one academic year (two consecutive semesters) must be spent as a full-time student.

For further information, please contact Professor Peter J. Schraeder, Graduate Program Director, at pschrae@luc.edu or 773.508.3070.