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Department of Political Science

Political Theory

PLSC 300B: International Political Thought
Professor Weber
MWF 1:40pm / LSC

International political theory addresses the ways in which the nature of international politics may be explained, understood and judged. It approaches these topics from theoretical texts and concepts (rather than empirical, historical material).  This class will examine and attempt to bridge the disciplinary divide between International Relations and Political Theory in three units. In the first unit, we will read classical political philosophy texts that address questions of international relations, which form the basis for many contemporary debates in international relations. In the second unit, we will examine major theories of the international system -- such as realism, liberalism and various critical theories --  and link them up to their classical influences. In the third unit, our task will be to examine three contemporary issues (human rights, globalization and terrorism) in light of the classical texts and major theories discussed. Contributions to theorizing international politics in the tradition of Western political theory will include examining the ideas of Thucydides, Augustine, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Rousseau, Kant, and Marx.

PLSC 302: American Political Thought
Professor Danford
TTh 10:00am / LSC


PLSC 304: Ancient Political Thought
Professor Danford
TTh 2:30pm / LSC



PLSC 308: Contemporary Political Thought
Professor Yoksas
MWF 12:35pm / LSC



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