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Department of Political Science

International Relations

PLSC 325: American Foreign Policy
Mr. O'Leary

MWF 11:30am / LSC

PLSC 330: America & Modern War 
Professor Williams
MWF 1:40pm / LSC

America and Modern War will explore the challenges for US national security posed by modern developments and the ways in which national security institutions have adapted (and have not adapted) to meet them.  We will also consider the historical dimension of this issue to provide needed context to understand the present and – perhaps – predict the future.  With the small size of the class, we will have the opportunity to conduct the classes as an undergraduate seminar, so student preparation and presentations will be important.  The issues we will discuss are complex, and a wide range of opinions is to be expected.

PLSC 350: International Political Economy
Professor Endless
MWF 11:30am / LSC

PLSC 354: Global Environmental Politics
Professor Frendreis
TTH 2:30pm / LSC


PLSC 364: UN & International Organizations

Professor Grigorescu

TTh 11:30am / LSC

This course focuses on the major concepts and theories in the study of international organizations (IOs). In order to illustrate various theoretical approaches, we will use more than a dozen organizations (such as the U.N., the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the World Health Organization).  Although the course does not involve large-scale simulations (as PLSC 367: Model United Nations) it will offer a variety of smaller scale interactive activities that are intended to illustrate bargaining and negotiations among states in various IOs.



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