Loyola University Chicago

Department of Political Science

International Relations

PLSC 300D: International Relations of East Asia 
Professor Henripin
MWF 10:25am / LSC


PLSC 325: American Foreign Policy
Professor Greanias

Mon 4:15pm / LSC


PLSC 330: America and Modern War
Professor Williams
TTh 10:00am / LSC


PLSC 350: International Political Economy
Professor Hasselmann
TTh 10:30am / LSC


PLSC 353: International Law
Professor Endless
TTh 1:00pm / LSC

This course will introduce students to the study of international law. Emphasis will be placed on both international legal concepts and theoretical issues, as well as the application of international law in the analysis of several case studies. Topics will focus on the development and use of international law in the conduct of international relations, with special emphasis placed on such current topics as laws of war, law of the sea, diplomatic immunity and human rights. 

PLSC 363: International Politics
Professor Sensi
MWF 10:25am / LSC



PLSC 367: Model United Nations
Professor Endless
Th 4:15pm / LSC

This course is designed to provide an orientation to the activities of the United Nations, as well as providing an understanding of the modalities of international diplomacy. This course will include current events, pressing international issues, the basics of international law and some of the protocol and procedures of diplomacy. All of this will assist students in preparing for their role as a distinguished diplomat at the National Model United Nations conference in New York. This course requires instructor permission to enroll.