Loyola University Chicago

Department of Political Science

Graduate Seminars

PLSC 404: Special Topics in American Politics: American Institutions
Professor Bryan
Wed 7:00pm / LSC



PLSC 421: Democratic Political Systems
Professor Sanchez
Mon 7:00pm / LSC


PLSC 436: International Conflict
Professor Melin
Tue 4:15pm / LSC



PLSC 476: Political Analysis II
Professor Mahler
Tue 7:00pm / LSC

This is an intermediate course in the application of statistical methods to political analysis.  The primary focus of the course is the theory and practice of multiple regression, the most important statistical technique in the social sciences.  Among the specific topics examined are the assumptions underlying regression and the consequences of violating them; analysis of residuals; collinearity; dummy regression; analysis of variance and covariance; hierarchical regression; nonlinearity and nonadditivity; pooled cross-sectional/time series analysis; probit/logit analysis; structural equations; and factor analysis.  Emphasis throughout the course will be on practical applications and extensive use will be made of SPSS and Stata, computer programs commonly used in social science analysis.  Prerequisite:  the successful completion of Political Science 475, Techniques of Political Science I, or the instructor's permission.  


PLSC 546: Special Topics in Political Theory: Contemporary Political Thought
Professor Danford
Th 4:15pm / LSC