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Project Management in Plain English

Sometimes we don’t think one person can make a difference, but sometimes that is all it takes. If you think about the ground breaking potential one man with a shovel can make, we can see the earth moving capabilities that one person can have.

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An Introduction to PMI’s Project Management Life Cycle

There are five stages to the project management life cycle that usually occur in sequence. During large complex projects it is often necessary to return to planning several times. In this case, the project management life cycle can become very complex with multiple repeats of planning and even initiating processes.

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Role Clarity - Project Manager Responsibilities

Poor role clarity is an issue many projects suffer and it directly affects the motivation and performance of project team members and particularly when it relates to project manager responsibilities. Role clarity, or lack of it, is especially relevant in joint venture projects, integrated project teams and is most common in newly formed project teams. Lack of role clarity is where project team members are unsure of their day to day roles and responsibilities, the objectives of the project, their level of authority for spending or directing others and the formal reporting structures.

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