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The Ethics and Social Philosophy Graduate Faculty

The Ethics and Social Philosophy Graduate Faculty

Thomas L. Carson (Metaethics, theories of value, ethics, utilitarianism)

Daniel Hartnett, S.J. (Social philosophy, theories of justice)

David B. Ingram (Social and political philosophy, ethics, philosophy of law, philosophy of social science, critical race theory; also contemporary German and French philosophy)

Heidi Malm (Ethical theory, applied ethics, philosophy of law)

Diana T. Meyers, Ellacuria Professor of Social Philosophy(Social Philosophy, value theory, feminist ethics)

David T. Ozar (Bioethics, professional ethics,  history of ethics, social and political philosophy, philosophy of law)

Jennifer Parks (Bioethics, ethical theory, feminism, social philosophy)

Adriaan Peperzak. Arthur J. Schmitt Professor (Levinas, continental ethics and political philosophy; also philosophy of religion, metaphilosophy, Hegel, French phenomenology)

David Schweickart (Social and political philosophy, theories of socialism, feminist philosophy, critical theory)

Jacqueline Scott (Nietszche, Ethics, Race Theory)

Mark H. Waymack (Bioethics, ancient Greek ethics, early modern British moral philosophy, narrative ethics)

Victoria S. Wike (Kant's moral philosophy, health care ethics)

Thomas E. Wren (Ethical theory, moral psychology, moral education, social philosophy)


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