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Department of Philosophy

Overview of Graduate Programs

The Philosophy Department at Loyola University Chicago has one of the largest and most diverse faculties in North America, with thirty-two faculty members and two endowed professorships: the Arthur J. Schmitt Chair in Philosophy and the Ignacio Ellacuria, SJ, Chair in Philosophy. In graduate teaching and specialized research, its members represent the major periods in the history of philosophy, the principal contemporary movements, and the major problem areas.

The Philosophy Department offers an M.A. degree and a Ph.D. degree in Philosophy as well as an M.A. degree in Social Philosophy.

This context defines the principal focus of our graduate program: We are a diverse department strongly committed to philosophical pluralism. In their seminar work, students are exposed to analytic, continental, and historical approaches to the principal problem areas of the discipline. Our pedagogical aim is to provide an academic and collegial setting conducive to the development of well-rounded philosophers. At the same time, students are encouraged to develop expertise in particular areas of specialization.

The doctoral program in philosophy begins with an M.A. in the history of philosophy, which serves as a foundation for all later work. For more specialized work, the diversity of our faculty provides the student with a number of different departmental research strengths. The department offers courses in these areas, and students are able to work with faculty members individually. The research strengths of the department are described in these pages, with a list of faculty who contribute to these areas. A substantial number of graduate courses are offered each semester to help students pursue their specializations.

Such a diversified and flexible graduate program has significant advantages. Students are able to develop a Ph.D. concentration in conjunction with one of the departmental research strengths. Students are able to broaden the base of their specialization by studying with faculty who work in other areas. They can enter the program without definite plans and explore alternatives with the assurance that the department has ample resources for such study. They can develop two different specializations and explore their relevance for each other, or they can select courses more broadly to pursue whatever their interests may be.


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