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Enrollment Request Form

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Semester                        Year          

Purpose: The Enrollment Request Form is used when a student wants to register for a class that is closed, for reason of full enrollment, the permission of the instructor or department is required, or the Dean's permission is required.

*Please Note and Sign Below*:
By returning this form to the Philosophy Department, you are authorizing the Philosophy office staff to register you into the class desired. (With the new PeopleSoft System, when the Assistant gives the student access to register, the System simultaneously registers the student for that class. So if you decide in a few days that you no longer want to be in this class, it is your responsibility to drop the class.) Also, you must first drop a class that is in conflict with the one you want to add.

I have read and understand the above. ________________________________________ 
                                                                             Student's signature                      Date

Student Information

 Student's Name __________________________________________________

 Student's preferred e-mail address and/or telephone # _______________________________

 Student I.D. # (on front of student I.D.) 000_______________________

Desired Class Information

 Course # PHIL ______________       Section # ______________       Class # (4-digit) ____________

 Meeting time of class _________________________ and Location ____________________

 Seating Capacity in this room (reverse side) ___________ Enrollment Cap (office asst) __________

Administrative Authorization

 Instructor's name _______________________

 Instructor's permission to enroll in the class:

       Instructor's signature

** After the 1st week of classes, this form is no longer valid. The student must obtain a form from his or her Dean's Office.

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