Loyola University Chicago

Institute for Paralegal Studies

BA in Paralegal Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Paralegal Studies allows students with a minimum of 15 semester credits in paralegal studies to improve their skills and career opportunities by earning a bachelor’s degree. Students who have earned associate degrees in paralegal studies will likely find this degree program to be their most expeditious route to a bachelor’s degree.

FASTRACK Benefits of the program

  • Acquire a credential from Loyola’s well-regarded Institute for Paralegal Studies that will open doors to your career success in the legal community.
  • Earn a specialized certificate in Civil Litigation or Corporate Practice (or both areas) that will refine your paralegal skills to meet the demands of the modern legal workplace.
  • Maximize the number of credits you may transfer from your two-year paralegal program, and complete your degree on a schedule that works with your personal and professional obligations.
  • Enhance your general knowledge and improve your ability to respond to the challenges of contemporary society through courses in the University’s Core Curriculum.

Detailed information on the Institute for Paralegal Studies and the paralegal profession is available on the Institute's website.

Note:  Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except as authorized by law.