"My education and training at Loyola was crucial to my career development."

Tools for Success

Why Loyola?

The paralegal program at Loyola is designed for excellence. I knew that I wanted to specialize in immigration law and knowing that Loyola's Paralegal Studies program had a variety of specialized courses, including Immigration Law, was a major factor in my decision.


How did the curriculum prepare you for your career?

The curriculum was crucial to my career development. Currently, I am working as a Citizenship Coordinator at a non-profit as well as a Board of Immigration Appeals Representative. A Board of Immigration Appeals Representative is someone from a non-profit or charitable organization who can represent and counsel immigration clients, complete forms, and represent the client before the Citizenship and Immigration Services. In order to become accredited, I needed to prove the nature and extent of my experience and knowledge of immigration and naturalization law and procedures.


While at Loyola, I learned immigration law and was provided training in the fundamentals of legal writing and research which included the drafting of motions, requests, depositions, and document productions as well as the use of Court Reporters, Digests and Secondary Sources.


Due to the education and training I received from Loyola, I was able to assist other Board of Immigration Appeals Representatives with their cases and clients. Ultimately, my education and training helped me obtain a Board of Immigration Appeals Accreditation.


Was the curriculum flexible?

Flexibility was key to my success at Loyola. While I was attending Loyola, I was also working for a non-profit. I was in charge of a program which was funded by the Department of Human Services and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. I was in charge of coordinating workshops, volunteer training, legal training, reports, grants, and processing applications. I realized I needed a program that would cater to my needs and I found that Loyola's class scheduling fit into my busy life.


What about the faculty?

The instructors at Loyola are well-informed about current policy and procedure. They are friendly, accessible, and they take pride in their job. The assignments are well designed and reflective of a paralegal's roles. Each instructor does an amazing job at facilitating the key concepts with respect to their practice areas.