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Sexual Assault

Loyola Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment FAQ’s

Loyola University Chicago takes all reports of sexual assault/harassment seriously and will not tolerate any form of coercive sexual behavior against its students.  If you know of or are a survivor of sexual assault/harassment, there are campus resources to assist: 

When a sexual assault or sexual harassment takes place, what immediate steps should be taken?
Get to a safe place.  Call Campus Safety (4-4911 or 773.508.6039) or 911.  Try to preserve all physical evidence.  Seek medical attention.  Consider reporting the assault.

What do I do if I feel that the action taken is not appropriate?
Speak with the Dean of Students in CFSU 100 or call 773.508.8840.  The Dean of Students serves as an advocate for students and is able to connect them to appropriate resources in the campus community.

Once a sexual assault or sexual harassment takes place, and it has been reported on campus, what steps typically follow?
The survivor has the ability request to move to a different room (if they reside on campus).  The survivor is encouraged to meet with a representative from the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution to review options in the student conduct system.  The survivor is made aware of applicable campus resources.  The survivor is educated on how to report the information to the Chicago Police Department.

Is there a time limit on reporting sexual assaults or sexual harassment?
No.  But in general, the sooner an incident is reported, the easier it is to address.  As time passes, details and memories fade.  This information could be helpful in the adjudication of the case. 

How often do sexual assault/sexual harassment get reported on Loyola’s campus/by Loyola students?
The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution typically processes 3-5 sexual assault/harassment incidents per academic year.  This may not be indicative of the number of incidents that occur.

If I know someone who has been sexually assaulted or sexually harassed, what should I do?
Be supportive, listen, believe them, and let them control the situation.  Also be aware of your own limits and do not be afraid to ask for outside help.

What is Loyola doing now to prevent sexual assault and/or harassment, and what is being done to support victims of these crimes?
We are currently reviewing our sexual assault/harassment policy to make sure it is easily understandable. We are also providing programs to educate the campus community about prevention efforts.  We are involving students in conversation about being clearer on how to report incidents.


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