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Conflict Resolution FAQs

No! Our staff members can work with you individually to create a plan or work on skills to address conflict.

Our office believes that both conduct and conflict resolution should foster a safe, supportive, inclusive, and just environment for all members of the Loyola community. Our underlying philosophy of restorative justice moves away from a retributive system of punitive punishment and impersonal interactions towards a more balanced process focused on healing and peace-building in communities.

Privacy is a crucial component of the OSCCR. All information shared through mediation or other conflict resolution services will be kept private, with two exceptions: 1) If there is mention of a serious violation of the Community Standards or law, a staff member would be required to act upon this information as appropriate and to ensure the safety of the community. 2) If a staff member becomes aware that someone may be in danger of serious, imminent harm, they would be required to address the situation as appropriate to ensure the safety of the community.