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What's My Placement

Foreign Language Placement Assessment

You will be able to see your score on the results page after your test. 

Below is a grid showing you what Loyola course you should probably start with if you score in certain ranges. However, be aware that sometimes your advisor will advise a different course, based on other factors such as your previous experience with the language.

Spanish Placement Score Interpretation
below 260—Spanish 101
260–304—Spanish 102
305–393—Spanish 103
394–439—Spanish 104
above 439—Spanish 250+

French Placement Score Interpretation
below 266—French 101
266–287—French 102
288–356—French 103
357–377—French 104
above 377—French 250+

German Placement Score Interpretation
below 261—German 101
261–304—German 102
305–393—German 103
394–461—German 104
above 461—No courses offered at Loyola.

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