Loyola University Chicago


Meet the Leaders

Interested in becoming an Orientation Leader or College Coach? Come to an Information Session!

                            2016 Information Session Dates

November 29 7:30pm Galvin Auditorium, Sullivan Center

December 2 4:00pm Galvin Auditorium, Sullivan Center

More dates will be available in January


Your Orientation Leaders will help guide you through the Loyola Orientation process and beyond!

Adrienne - Anthropology and Sociology

Alex - Marketing and Management

Amanda - Biology

Andy - Biology

Beatrice - Political Science and International Studies

Becca - Health Systems Management

Beks - Biology

Breanne - Theatre

Carter - Communication Studies

Christine - Psychology

Darby - Forensic Science and Biology

Garrett - History and Anthropology

Grace - Theatre and Political Science

Heather - Nursing

Helen - Special Education

Jess - Business Administration

Kyle - Nursing

Kylie - Biochemistry

Kyra - Biology

Laura - Nursing

Lexi - Political Science and History

Lindy - Biology

Madeline - Biology

Matt - Advocacy and Social Change

Maya - Psychology and International Studies

Meg - Biochemistry

Mikayla - African Studies and the African Diaspora

Raven - Anthropology

Ricky - Communication Studies


Sam - Advocacy and Social Change


Sara E. - Social Work

Sarah K. - Advertising/Public Relations and Psychology

Sarah M. - Psychology

Shayna- Social Work


Sophia - Social Work and Psychology

Steph - Biology

Steve H. - Biochemistry

Steve L. - Political Science

Sylena - Psychology

Tutu - Biology

Zindy - Advertising/Public Relations