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Advanced School Mental Health Practice

Certificate: This post-master's certificate program equips mental health professionals to better affect positive psychosocial development of their student clients. Primary takeaways from the program will include:

  • Fostering collaboration between schools and families
  • Implementing strength-based interventions in schools
  • Advocating for whole-school interventions
  • Becoming more data-driven and evidence informed as School-Based Mental Health Practitioners.

This program consists of 15 credit hours, including two synchronous courses and two required asynchronous online courses, and one hybrid elective class (combining online learning and a weekend Education Immersion experience) in Advanced School Mental Health Practice. Learn more

Bioethics & Health Policy

Certificate: Offered by the Neiswanger Institute, the Bioethics & Health Policy certificate program requires the completion of 12 credits (four courses), including: Clinical Bioethics, and at least one of the following: Biomedical Ethics and the Law, Justice in Health Care, or Principles of Healthcare Ethics. Learn more

Business Communication

Certificate: The Business Communication Certificate is designed for students interested in internal communications, executive communications, marketing, public relations and messaging strategy. Students will be trained in theoretical principles and best practices in communicating with a variety of audiences and situations.

This certificate is ideal for those seeking roles in marketing, public relations, human resources, project management and sales. Learn More

Corporate and Organizational Communication

Certificate: The certificate in Corporate and Organizational Communication prepares students in the principles of business management (accounting, human resources, project management) and corporate communications (professional writing, advertising and new media). Students will be prepared to advance in careers in organization communications, community relations and project management. Learn More

Criminal Justice

Certificate: The Criminal Justice certificate is ideal for anyone pursuing career advancement in the areas of criminal justice administration, courts, corrections, policing and security. Learn More

Finance Economics

Certificate: The Finance/Economics certificate is designed for career advancement in the financial sector, including banking, insurance and investment. Learn More

Organizational Development and Leadership

Certificate: The Organizational Development and Leadership Certificate is designed for students who want to learn more about the theories, research and practical applications of organizational development and leadership, while developing the communication skills needed for effective interpersonal and team leadership and decision-making. Students will have the choice of the fully online option, the fully on-campus option, or some combination of the two. Learn more

Organizational Psychology

Certificate: The Organizational Psychology certificate provides training on social psychology, personality studies and industrial psychology. This certificate is designed for those pursing careers involving worker productivity, assessment, training and human resources. Learn More

Public Relations in a Digital World

Certificate: The certificate in Public Relations in a Digital World prepares students roles in advertising, public relations, marketing, media relations, or web design. Learn More

Social Services and Non-profit Management

Certificate: This Social Services and Nonprofit Management Certificate is designed for students who desire to learn more about the theories and practical applications involved in managing a nonprofit organization. Students acquire skills to facilitate the internal, external issues as well as address cultural problems involved in the management of nonprofits. Topics include social welfare policy, conflict management and organizational psychology. Learn More

Healthcare Informatics

Certificate: This completely online certificate program is ideal for BSN nurses, physicians, dietitians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and others. Students transform clinical data into information that can be used to enhance patient care outcomes. Learn more

Oncology Advanced Practice Nursing

Certificate: The online certificate program in Oncology Nursing is designed for nurse practitioners, other advanced practice nurses, and BSN nurses wishing to advance their oncology skills. This 9-course program covers the continuum of cancer care—genetic risk assessment and testing, primary prevention, acute care, and palliative care. Learn more

Outcomes Performance Management

Certificate: This 12 semester-hour online certificate examines the relationship between policy development and performance management, study measurement techniques, and design a quality infrastructure within their organization. Learn more

Population-Based Infection Control & Environmental Safety

Certificate: The certificate program prepares nursing and other health care leaders to recognize and manage emerging infections, environmental hazards, and threats of bioterrorism. The program is completely online and is open to BSN or MSN prepared nurses and baccalaureate students in other related fields. Learn more



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