Loyola University Chicago

Sullivan Center for Student Services

Mission and Vision


The Sullivan Center for Student Services is a comprehensive resource for our students – from prospective students to Loyola alumni – providing academic, developmental, and financial support and services in an environment that is welcoming and conducive to student success and transformation.


Guided by a spirit of 'cura personalis' – care for the whole person – the Sullivan Center staff will assist all individuals who seek our services. Inspired by the Ignatian tradition as persons for others, we provide guidance and access to information which fosters the educational experience, inviting students to learn, reflect, and transform with each other and with us. We are a community who learn from one another as we embrace Magis – striving for more.


The Sullivan Center for Student Services’ core values include a commitment to:

Service Excellence – we strive for quality by providing accurate information and being student focused while remaining grounded in integrity and professionalism.

Putting Students First – we provide a student-centered environment focused on the uniqueness of each student’s needs and the development of the whole person.

Cultural Competence & Respect for All – we are prepared to be changed and transformed by our encounters with others, as we honor and respect the values, attitudes, and beliefs of individuals from different cultures and respond accordingly to these differences in planning, implementing, and providing student services.

Teamwork and Collaboration – we take pride in our professional relationships by working collaboratively and utilizing our colleagues' skills and expertise to provide excellent service.

Student Development & Empowerment – we embrace the Jesuit tradition of transformative education by providing access to information and services that will lead to students’ self-knowledge and self-transcendence.