Loyola University Chicago

Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

HSM: Health Systems Management

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Undergraduate-Level Courses

HSM 110:  Health Care in America

HSM 210:  Introduction to Global Healthcare

HSM 220:  Aging in America

HSM 230:  Health Care Vulnerable Populations

HSM 240:  Health Care Workforce Environment

HSM 310:  Introduction to Health Care Project Management

HSM 315:  Healthcare Quality and Performance Improvement

HSM 325:  Health Care Fiscal Management

HSM 330:  Health Care Legal and Regulatory Environment

HSM 338:  Health Care Marketing

HSM 340:  Health Care Leadership and Policy

HSM 350:  Continuum of Care

HSM 355:  Special Topics

HSM 360:  Health Care Internship

HSM 361:  Health Systems Management Internship Seminar

HSM 368:  Management of Health Care Organizations

HSM 386:  Health Care Informatics