Loyola University Chicago

Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

GNUR: General Nursing

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Undergraduate-Level Courses

GNUR 102: Introduction to Professional Nursing Practice 

GNUR 204: Bridge Course Nursing Concepts 

GNUR 207: Individual Family Community Wellness & Health 

GNUR 238: The Foundations of Clinical Practice in Nursing 

GNUR 272: Mental Health Problems 

GNUR 272L: Mental Health Problems Lab

GNUR 293: Pathophysiology 

GNUR 294: Foundations of Pharmacology 

GNUR 297: Clinical Nutrition for Nursing Practice 

GNUR 325: Selected Topics 

GNUR 327: Introduction to Spiritual Care 

GNUR 338A: Physical Assessment for R.N.s

GNUR 338L: Physical Assessment Lab 

GNUR 350: Introduction to Research 

GNUR 360: Professional Role Development: Researcher 

GNUR 361: Nursing Ethics 

GNUR 383: Leadership for Professional Nursing Practice 

GNUR 383L: Leadership for Professional Nursing Practice Lab