Loyola University Chicago

Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

ID Team Support Portal

The ID Team Support Portal allows you to browse a knowledge base for FAQs, submit a ticket or email request for support, or schedule an appointment with a member of the ID Team.

Sending Email Requests

All email correspondence should be sent to IDteam-HSD@luc.edu. Emails sent to this address will be received by Mike, Toni and Stacey. We will then determine who will handle the request based on area of expertise and current workload. Requests will be tracked to assure that assistance has been provided.

Scheduling Appointments

Scheduling appointments with a member of the ID Team is quick and easy. Just click the button below to visit our scheduling tool. There you can browse the services available to faculty and schedule time with a member of the ID team who is available and able to provide the requested service.