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Please use the Articulate Request Form to submit a request for converting your narrated PowerPoint files to Articulate. If you are interested in using the Recording Studio to add narration to your PowerPoint slides, please review the recording process below.

Articulate Recording Process

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Step 1:

Sign up for a recording session…

Schedule a time for the recording session using the schedule that is posted on the studio door. Be sure to give yourself enough time to do your recording.

Step 2:         

Prepare for your recording session…

Save your PowerPoint file to a flash drive and be sure to bring the flash drive with you to the recording session. You can also email yourself a copy of your PowerPoint slides.

Print out your notes/script to bring with you to the studio. PowerPoint notes will not be visible while you are recording.

Step 3:

At the studio…

Before you get started with your recording session, check the schedule to see if anyone has signed up after you. You will want to make sure you have enough time to record.

Put the Recording in Progress sign on the door handle.

Setting up to record…

  1. Log into the computer on the left side of the desk.
  2. Open your PowerPoint file.
  3. In the PowerPoint application, click on Slideshow to access the Slideshow ribbon.
  4. Click on Record Slideshow from the Set Up group.
  5. Select Start from Beginning from the drop-down menu.

    screen shot
  6. Leave both options check marked in the pop-up window, and click the Start Recording button.


It is recommended that you do a test recording of the first two slides to check the sound quality and adjust the positioning of the microphone as necessary.

While recording…

  1. To advance to the next screen use one of the following options:

    • Click the Right Arrow key.
    • Hit the Enter key
    • Press the Space Bar

Be sure to pause (~1 sec) at the beginning and end of each slide.

  1. Click the Pause icon in the upper left corner to pause the recording.

  1. Hit ESC to end the recording and return to the all slides view.

Be careful not to inadvertently go back into a slide. This will automatically erase any previously recorded audio.

  1. To re-record a slide:
  • Click ESC to go to the all slides view.
  • Select the slide you wish to re-record by clicking on it once. When selected, the slide will display a yellow border.
  • Click on Record Slideshow and select Start from Current Slide
  • Click the Start Recording button.
  1. When you are done re-recording your slide, avoid automatically erasing audio from the next slide by clicking ESCto end the recording and return to the all slides view. 
  2. To save your narrated files for conversion:

Step 4:

Submit a request to convert your narrated PowerPoint to Articulate…

To submit a request to the faculty support team to convert your PowerPoint file to an Articulate Presentation you must complete the Articulate Request Form.

Step 5:

Leaving the studio…

Before you leave, be sure to close all open applications and remove your flash drive from the computer.  Remove the Recording in Progress sign from the door handle.


Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

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