Loyola University Chicago

Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

GNUR: General Nursing

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Graduate-Level Courses

GNUR 401: Nursing Concepts and Theories

GNUR 402: Ethics for Health Professionals

GNUR 405: Healthcare Organization and Delivery

GNUR 406: Organizational Effectiveness in Healthcare Systems

GNUR 409: Advanced Health Assessment

GNUR 409L: Advanced Health Assessment Lab

GNUR 409A: Advanced Health Assessment: Pediatrics

GNUR 413: Advanced Pharmacology

GNUR 415: Reproductive Health

GNUR 432: Philosophical Bases of Nursing Science

GNUR 441: Advanced Physiology

GNUR 442: Advanced Physiology/Pathophysiology

GNUR 450: Research Health Professionals

GNUR 455: Writing for Advanced Practice

GNUR 460: Role Socialization;

GNUR 461: Health Policy Issues

GNUR 462: Health Care Financing

GNUR 463: Cancer Genomics

GNUR 467: Cancer Supportive Care and Symptom Management

GNUR 470: Cancer Pathophysiology and Disease Management

GNUR 471: Palliative Care

GNUR 486: Information Systems in Healthcare

GNUR 499: Interprofessional Team Practicum

GNUR 500: Conceptual Inquiry

GNUR 501: Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Science

GNUR 509: Teaching in Nursing

GNUR 510: Teaching Practicum

GNUR 512: Quantitative Methods and Design for Nursing Research

GNUR 513: Qualitative Methods in Nursing Research

GNUR 514: Common Health Problems of Adults/Older Adults

GNUR 517: APN Practicum: Primary Health Care

GNUR 518L: First Semester Student Standardized Patient Lab

GNUR 519: Measurement in Nursing Research

GNUR 530: Topical Seminar for Nursing

GNUR 532: Research Internship

GNUR 540: Philosophy of Nursing: Nursing as a Moral Practice

GNUR 542: Grantsmanship

GNUR 544: Nursing and Health Policy

GNUR 600: Dissertation Supervision

GNUR 605: Master's Study

GNUR 610: Doctoral Study