Loyola University Chicago

Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

FONU: Food and Nutrition

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Graduate-Level Courses

FONU 400: Orientation to the Internship

FONU 401: Medical Nutrition Therapy in Acute and Long-Term Care

FONU 401P: Supervised Practice in Acute and Long-Term Care

FONU 402: Community Nutrition, Food Service Management, and Marketing

FONU 402P: Supervised Practice in Community, Management, and Marketing

FONU 410: Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment

FONU 420: Transition to Supervised Practice in the Dietetic Internship

FONU 422: Medical Nutrition Therapy Theory

FONU 423: Supervised Practice (SP) in Medical Nutrition Therapy

FONU 424: Public Health Nutrition and Research Theory for Dietetic Practice

FONU 425: Supervised Practice in Public Health Nutrition, Research, Professional Development and Marketing

FONU 426: Food Management Theory: Geriatric Nutrition

FONU 427: Supervised Practice: Food Management, Geriatric Nutrition 

FONU 503:  Dietetic Theories & Research Methods