Loyola University Chicago

Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing


Total Credit Hours: 70 "Effective Fall 2016"

Length of the Program: 16 months

Continuous Enrollments: Students must complete all course requirements at the time they are offered to successfully complete program requirements.

Curriculum Plan: Completion of this ABSN degree requires 70 semester hours "effective Fall 2016", 7 clinical rotations, and all integrated testing requirements.

First Semester
GNUR 102 Introduction to Professional Nursing Practice
GNUR 207 Individual Family Community Wellness & Health
GNUR 238  The Foundations of Clinical Practice in Nursing
GNUR 293 Pathophysiology
GNUR 297 Clinical Nutrition for Nursing Practice
GNUR 360 Professional Role Development: Researcher
Second Semester
GNUR 290 Concepts in Older Adult Health
GNUR 294 Foundations of Pharmacology
CMAN 380 Community Health
CMAN 380L Community Health: Lab
MSN 277 Medical/Surgical Nursing: Adult
MSN 277L Medical/Surgical Nursing: Adult Health Lab I
Third Semester
MCN 273 Family Health Patterns I
MCN 273L Family Health Patterns I: Lab
MCN 374 Family Health Patterns II: Care of the Child and Family
MCN 374L Family Health Pat II:Lab
CMAN 272 Mental Health Patterns
CMAN 272L Mental Health Patterns: Lab
Fourth Semester
GNUR 383 Leadership for Professional Nursing Practice
GNUR 383L Leadership for Professional Nursing Practice Lab
GNUR 361 Nursing Ethics
MSN 377 Adult Health II - Advanced Medical-Surgical
MSN 377L Adult Health II - Advanced Medical Surgical Clinical

ABSN Curriculum Plan

*The ABSN program does not accept transfer credit. All courses must be completed at Loyola University Chicago during the program.

 Course Descriptions

Degree Conferral

A BSN degree is conferred after successful completion of all courses and program requirements. Students are encouraged to participate in the Honors and Pinning and Graduation ceremonies.