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Submit a Book Review

Book reviews help scholars keep abreast of their own and other fields, and choose what to read; they are also important for discussion of the state of scholarship. Members are encouraged to propose a review of a recent book of relevance to our readership. Please address proposals and inquiries to mmla@luc.edu.

Submit an Article

Members of the MMLA are invited and encouraged to submit articles to the JMMLA. Please note that the Journal no longer accepts submissions on open topics: each Spring issue will be a single-topic special issue; each Fall issue will be devoted to papers building on the conference theme from the previous year. Please check our website for calls for submissions. Spring issue submissions will be due by the preceding September 15. Fall issue submissions will be due by the preceding April 15.

MMLA Short-term Fellowship at the Newberry Library

The MMLA offers annual short-term fellowships at the Newberry Library for academics who are not located in the greater Chicago area. The fellowships are jointly funded with the Newberry Library, and the deadline for applying is January 15th of each year.

MMLA Graduate Student Paper Prize

Graduate students presenting at the annual MMLA Convention are invited to submit their papers for consideration for the annual Graduate Student Paper Prize. The submission deadline falls in October of each convention year.

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The MMLA needs you to increase its knowledge base, share your research, and build a vibrant network of literature and language scholars across the region. Join us today!

Literature, Language and Culture

The Midwest Modern Language Association (MMLA) is a non-profit organization of teachers and scholars of literature, language, and culture. A regional affiliate of the Modern Language Association, the MMLA provides a forum for disseminating scholarship and improving teaching in the fields of literary and cultural criticism.  Loyola University Chicago supports the mission of the MMLA by serving as its institutional host.