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Lenten Easter Reflection

A Jesuit online daily reflection for Lent and early Easter

Moved to Greater Love is a nine-week, online series of Lenten/Easter daily reflections, focusing on four specific graces: Gratitude, Spiritual Freedom, Vision, and Joy.

This program is being offered to U.S. Jesuits and their lay colleagues as an aid to personal prayer and as an invitation to group sharing on our common mission.  

Each evening, material for the following day’s prayer will be posted online. Each day includes a reading, questions for reflection, and a multi-media component.

The reflection begins Sunday, March 2 and ends Sunday, May 4. Throughout the series there will be three communal gatherings for shared reflection.

All Communal Reflections start at Noon. See dates below:

Lake Shore Campus Communal Reflections
March 11
Cuneo Hall
Room 417
April 8
Cuneo Hall
Room 417
May 6
Cuneo Hall
Room 417
Water Tower Campus Communal Reflections
March 12
Corboy Law
Room 727
April 3
Corboy Law
Room 727
May 1
Health Sciences Campus Communal Reflections
March 14
Room 250
April 11
Room 150
May 2
Room 250

See Frequently Asked Questions below.

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What is Moved to Greater Love?
Moved to Greater Love is a Lenten/Easter invitation calling participants to consider how God’s love burns away fear and opens us to respond generously and wholeheartedly. This Jesuit Conference initiative is undertaken as significant changes will take place in Jesuit ministries throughout the country.

Moved to Greater Love will start Sunday, March 2 (Ash Wednesday is March 5), and ends on the third Sunday of Easter, May 4. All materials and instructions for Moved to Greater Love will be found at Jesuits.org/GreaterLove.

Who can participate?
The Provincials of the United States have invited all Jesuits and colleagues in Jesuit ministries to use Lent and Easter as a time to ask for the graces we need to discern the Lord’s presence in the many changes coming to Jesuit ministries. These changes, including greater lay leadership and an increasingly secular/spiritual-but-not-religious culture, are the context in which God will work among us in the years to come. Moved to Greater Love will help all of us in Jesuit ministry deepen our dependence on God and sharpen our vision for the movements of the Spirit.

What is the content of the program?
Moved to Greater Love’s nine-week online program will focus on four specific graces: Gratitude, Spiritual Freedom, Vision, and Joy.

How can I participate?
Moved to Greater Love has two components: daily individual prayer and three gatherings during its nine weeks.

Daily Prayer: Each evening, material for the following day’s prayer will be posted on Jesuits.org/GreaterLove. Participants will receive an evening email with the link to the following day’s material for prayer. Each day will include a reading, questions for reflection, and a multimedia component. There is no recommended time for this daily prayer; the materials themselves can be reviewed in 10 minutes or less.

All colleagues who wish to participate in the daily prayer can go to Jesuits.org/GreaterLove and click the blue “add me to the email list” link.

Gatherings (see schedule above): Moved to Greater Love will include communal experiences as a way to enhance the individual experience, or as a touchstone for people to connect with the graces even if they don’t take part in the daily individual prayer. The desire is that the communal experience will produce a communal sense of gratitude, spiritual freedom, vision and joy which complements the individual experience. These communal experiences will be “spiritual conversations” among Jesuits and colleagues, helping to lead all to a deepening awareness of God’s presence.

Is there an expected outcome?
While one never knows what will happen in prayer and reflection, by asking for graces of gratitude, spiritual freedom, vision, and joy, we will be asking God to deepen these gifts.

For other questions/concerns contact Chris Murphy at cmurph3@luc.edu


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