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Mission & Identity

Summary Report

Annually near the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola the University engages in a service day as a means of animating Loyola’s mission “in service of humanity”.  As Loyolans we seek to demonstrate as St Ignatius noted that love is shown more in deeds than words. This year on July 26, 2013, Loyola employees served Catholic Charities Early Childhood Development Centers and Misericordia.  In addition to the day of service, Loyola’s three Chicago campuses collected donations of supplies for the Early Childhood Development Centers.

 Misericordia offers a community of care that maximizes potential for persons with mild to profound developmental disabilities, many of whom are also physically challenged.  By serving society’s most vulnerable citizens, Misericordia also serves the families who want the best for them, yet cannot provide it at home.  Loyola’s volunteers had an educational tour of the 31-acre Chicago campus, and then broke off into groups to work in several different program areas. Volunteers worked in the bakery, the laundry room, the green house, the art room, and numerous other places around the campus.

Catholic Charities Early Childhood Development Centers are education centers for children and parents in low income neighborhoods. These centers seek to provide resources for low income families including child care, preschool and afterschool care as well as adult education.  Loyola volunteers engaged in numerous projects including washing, sanding and painting walls, gardening and landscaping projects, and a children’s carnival.  The landscaping teams built raised garden beds, and added new soil and plants to existing gardens. The painting teams, cleaned, sanded and painted many classrooms, hallways, staircases and doors in four of the sites.  An outdoor team at Cordi Marian painted games and the lines for a basketball court on the playground pavement. At Saint Mary of Celle, volunteers put on a carnival for the children at the center and stencil painted new pictures onto the windows of the center.‌


Catholic Charity Sites Team Leader Volunteers
St. Mary of Celle:

Children’s Carnival and Classroom Window Stencil Painting

Site Supervisors: Roxanne Schwab and Sue Meyer Pugl

Project Leaders: Carik Wojulewicz and Stacey Zurek


Saint Joseph

Painting trim in three classrooms, painting the walls of one classroom, and painting of the walls in one staircase

Site Supervisors: Travis Proffitt and Erin Clark

Project Leaders: Andrew Naylor, Shandee Ewert and Amanda Martinez

Chicago Lawn

Painting two classrooms and three bathrooms, building a raised garden bed, and landscaping in the front of the building. New plants were provided.

Site Supervisors: Richard Jacques and Kristen Radulski

Project Leaders: Nicole Remy, Emmanuelle Escandar and Jeff Terpstra

Cordi Marian

Painting cafeteria/ play room, bench, statue of Mary, and games onto the asphalt and building 2 raised garden beds, adding dirt and mulch to existing beds and planting tulip bulbs and other plants.

Site Supervisors:  Tracy Foxworth, Sylvia Brown-Hood and Ruth Ashton

Project Leader: Brendan Keating, Catherine Wolf, Lillian Hardison, Andrew Wllis, Quinn Reilly, Sam Attoh

Our Lady of Tepeyac

Painting of Hallway, Classrooms and Stairways, and landscaping and gardening at the front entrance of the building.  New plants were provided.

Site Supervisors:  April Whitworth and Alicia Ferraris

Project Leaders: Alex See, Stephanie Decaluwe, and Summur Roberts
Misericordia Project Team Leader Volunteers
 Morning tour and overview; Afternoon service in teams of 2 -3  Chris Murphy 23
On-Campus Donation Drive Team Leader  
Catholic Charity Childhood Centers Sylvia Brown-Hood  
Supply Donation Collection 22 boxes of materials