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Department of Military Science


Army ROTC Leadership Training Course (LTC)

Offered Summer 2010


Who Can Go?
  Someone interested in Army ROTC
  You are NOTcommitting to ROTC or the Army by going to camp…no strings attached
  You will be asked to commit to ROTC and the Army next year though
  Student with at least two years of college remaining after this semester
  Preferably sophomores, but freshmen too
  Graduate students welcome
  Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better
  Capable of passing a physical fitness test at camp
          For males 17 – 21 years of age:  42 pushups, 53 sit-ups, 15:54 2-mile run
          For females of same age:   19 pushups, 53 sit-ups, 18:54 2-mile run
  Medically qualified…pass a physical exam we’ll arrange for you

What is Leadership Camp Like?
  At Fort Knox, Kentucky, which is 40 minutes southwest of Louisville
  28 total days, including travel.  Dates for Summer 2009:
          Company 1:  05 Jun - 04 Jul       
          Company 2:  12 Jun - 11 Jul       
          Company 3:  19 Jun - 18 Jul      
          Company 4:  24 Jun - 23 Jul       
          Company 5:  27 Jun - 26 Jul       
          Company 6:  04 Jul - 02 Aug     
          Company 7:  11 Jul - 09 Aug  
  Four phases to Leadership Camp:
          Phase 1 – Intro to Army:  learn basic military skills like wear of uniform, marching, etc.
          Phase 2 – Warrior Leader:  rappelling, rope climbing, land navigation, etc.
          Phase 3 – Bold Leader:  small unit field problems, which consist of a 9 person team
                    conducting missions like recons, ambushes, etc.
          Phase 4 – Future Leader:  Family day and graduation 

Why Leadership Camp?
 Every organization and business requires people with leadership skills
 Jobs with leadership responsibilities pay more and they tend to be jobs that people want
 However, employers desire leadership skills
 Leadership is developed, not natural
 Learn managerial techniques
 Understand leader attributes
 Apply by actually leading…the strength of ROTC
 No strings attached:  Go to camp, come back and decline ROTC, but gain leadership skills training
 Absolutely free:  Your travel, lodging, meals, etc. are provided
 Get paid $728 ($26/day x 28 days) to things that others pay to do
 Rappelling, rock climbing, and ropes complex
 Survival training and water confidence training
 Fire an M16 rifle and learn land navigation
  If you elect to join ROTC, earn a scholarship for the rest of school
 $5000 Signing Bonus
 Pays full tuition and fees at Loyola
 $600 a semester for books
 Monthly stipend of $450/$500 

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