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Cadet Life

The Basics

Army ROTC training consists of about ten hours a week, allowing cadets to focus on their course work and other extracurricular activities
‌ that they may be involved in.

Physical Training: 1 hour Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 3 hours per week.

Leadership Lab: 2 hours Thursday.

Field Training: 1 weekend each semester. All cadets will attend at least one field training each semester, and cadets have the option of volunteering for additional field training opportunities.‌

Army ROTC’s minimal time requirements supports cadet excellence and development inside and outside of the classroom.

Basic and Advanced Course

Army ROTC instruction is divided between the basic and the advanced course.

In their first two years, cadets learn fundamental military skills, the Army Values, and other leadership traits. Cadets will attend a summer training course called CIET in between sophomore and junior year. This summer training course compliments the basic ROTC course and furthers cadet education and military skills.

Cadets in the advanced course learn advanced military tactics, ethics, and further develop their leadership ability through increased responsibilities and assignments. Cadets travel to Fort Knox, KY, for Cadet Leader Course (CLC) in the summer between their junior and senior year of college. CLC instructs and assesses cadets from across the country on leadership skills and military tasks.

 Gengler ‌‌

CDT Allen and CDT Gengler always happy to do PT

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