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Mathematics and Statistics

M.S. in Mathematics

The department offers a rigorous course of study to introduce students to new modes of inquiry and to deepen their understanding and awareness of fundamental results and applications of the mathematical sciences. Students admitted to the graduate program with backgrounds other than Mathematics, such as Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, or Economics, may be required to complete prerequisite undergraduate courses before embarking upon graduate studies.

The research interests of the faculty include analysis, functional analysis, partial differential equations, game theory, mathematical logic and complexity theory, abstract algebra, representation theory, quantum groups, combinatorics, cryptography, algebraic coding theory, probability, finance theory, statistics, control theory, and operations research. Faculty members receive recognition for the quality of their research by regularly obtaining competitive grants from agencies such as the National Science Foundation, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and the National Security Agency.


Nine courses are required including a minimum of seven 3 credit-hour 400-level graduate courses and at most two approved 3 credit-hour 300-level undergraduate courses. The approved undergraduate courses depend on the interests and background of the student. One or both of the 300-level courses could be used to satisfy missing course requirements or recommended prerequisites listed in Academic Requirements for Admission. Students are free to design their own course of study individually tailored to their interests. The 400-level courses can be selected from either the mathematics or the statistics courses offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

For a list of possible courses to choose from, view our course catalog.

Graduate students are expected to maintain an average of not less than “B” (3.0). No more than two grades of “C” or “C+” and no grades lower than “C” may be counted as fulfilling degree requirements. Such grades, however, will be calculated in the GPA. No student will graduate with less than a 3.00 average for all graduate level courses and undergraduate courses taken for graduate credit. In addition, students who earn multiple grades of “C” are subject to review and possible withdrawal from the program.

Further Information

If you have additional questions about the program, please contact Dr. Rafal Goebel, Graduate Program Director for Mathematics.


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